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New York City Studies (NYC)

NYC 115  New York City: From Great Metropolis to World Capital 1898-Present  (6 credits)  

This course explores the literature, culture, history, and values of New York City from 1898, when the five boroughs joined together to form Greater New York, through the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and the national and New York responses that followed.

Course Rotation: NYC: Spring.
NYC 220  Criticisms of American Culture  (3 credits)  
NYC 230  Immigration, Ethnicity and Race in NYC History  (3 credits)  

Traces the development of New York City as the nations leading immigrant, multi-ethnic and multi-racial center from its Dutch beginnings to the present.

Prerequisites: ENG 120. Fulfills 3 credits history and 3 credits NYC Studies Concentration/Minor.
NYC 240  NY Blue Collar: Worker in City Fiction: Civil War-Depression  (3 credits)  

This course examines issues by studying literary texts, both classic and popular, and important historical documents on what would now be called the blue-collar experience. It places the working-class heroes and villains of post-bellum American literature in the context of a culture struggling with compassion for and fear of manual workers and slum dwellers, immigrants, and agitators, the other half, in sum.

Course Rotation: NYC: TBA.
Prerequisites: English 102. Fulfills 3 credits of Literature.
NYC 240B  NY Blue Collar: Worker in City Fiction: Civil War-Depression  (3 credits)  
NYC 290  New York City Humanities Internship  (6 credits)  
NYC 395  New York City Humanities Independent Study  (3 credits)