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Honors College (HON)

HON 393  Honors Internship  (0 credits)  

Students from all majors are part of the Pforzheimer Honors College, and therefore internships will be pursued in a wide range of fields. In order for a student to earn Honor credit for an internship, s/he must place the experiential learning into the context of the course of study and the Honors course completed if they are relevant to the internship by writing a paper of 8-10 pages submitted to the Dean of the Honors College.

Course Rotation: Fall
HON 499  Seminar in Research Methods  (1 credits)  

This course is designed to assist Honors juniors and seniors with the formulation of a thesis project by preparing them in the research methods needed to successfully produce a completed project. Students will be expected to produce a thesis proposal as well as a significant portion of the project itself. A grade of Pass/Fail will be given in the course. NY: Fall.

Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing in Honors College.