Group of students sitting around a table

Behavioral Neuroscience (BSN)

BNS 410  Systems Behavioral Neuroscience  (4 credits)  

This course is the ‘capstone’ course for the Neuroscience Minor and for the Behavioral Neuroscience Major at Pace University. It is designed for students that have already taken the Neurobiology (Bio 325) and Cognitive Psychology (Psy 315) because it takes students into the large interface between Neuroscience and Psychology, where the brain correlates of the mind are being exposed. Thus, in the Neurobiology course, students will have studied the molecular basis of electrical signaling in the brain, and the molecular and cellular aspects of perception (vision, smell, hearing, touch, proprioception, taste), memory formation, and a number of neurological disease. In this course, however, a more integrative, or systems Neuroscience approach is used to help students understand how organized networks of cells underlie higher cognitive functions and behaviors (such as executive functioning, fear, language processing, etc.). In addition, students will be exposed to the latest methods and research in this field, through original research articles.

Course Rotation: NYC: Spring