Group of students sitting around a table

Forensic Science (FOR)

FOR 101  Survey of Forensic Science  (1 credits)  

This course will introduce forensic science majors to the various sub-disciplines of forensic science. From processing crime scenes to the analysis of forgeries, students will learn how science is, can be, and should be applied to criminal investigations. Career options will be highlighted throughout the course.

FOR 251  Basic Criminalistics  (0-3 credits)  

This course is designed to give the student the skills needed to characterize physical evidence including how to work with and investigate trace evidence including hairs, fibers, glass, and soil.

Course Rotation: NYC: Spring.
Prerequisites: BIO 102, CHE 112, CHE 224, and PHY 112. Fee required.
FOR 252  Crime Scene Processing  (0-3 credits)  

Students are taught the fundamental techniques and principals of Forensic Science used to document, preserve, and collect physical evidence collected at crime scene investigations.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall.
Prerequisites: CHE 112 and BIO 102. Fee required.
FOR 351  Forensic Microscopy  (0-3 credits)  

This course is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the theory and practice of Microscopy as it applies to forensic applications.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall.
Prerequisites: FOR 251 and FOR 252. Fee required.
FOR 395  Independent Study in Forensic Science  (1-4 credits)  

With the approval of the appropriate faculty member, the Department Chairperson, and the academic Dean, students may select a topic in Forensic Science for guided research that is not included in the regular course offerings. The student meets regularly with the faculty member to review progress. A research project and paper must be submitted.

Prerequisites: Junior standing, minimum GPA of 3.00, and permission from the Forensic Science Director and instructor required. Open to Forensic Science majors only.
FOR 492  Forensic Science Seminar  (1 credits)  

This one credit seminar will expose students to issues relevant to professional practice in Forensic Science. Topics such as accurately conveying scientific concepts in reports and testimony, crime laboratory management, and conducting research in Forensic Science will be covered in detail.