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Japanese (JPN)

JPN 101  Elementary Japanese I  (3 credits)  

An introduction to the Japanese language and culture through a comprehensive approach designed to develop fundamental communication skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Supplementary videos, tapes, films and other materials are incorporated in the course.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall and Spring. PLV: Fall - Even years.
JPN 102  Elementary Japanese II  (3 credits)  

A continuation of principles established in JPN 101. In addition, the course will introduce more complex sentence structures, past and future verb tenses, the subjunctive mood, and increase fundamental vocabulary. Supplementary videos, tapes, films and other materials are incorporated in the course.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall and Spring. PLV: Spring - Odd years.
Prerequisites: JPN 101or 2 years of high school Japanese.
JPN 154  Topic: Modern Japanese Literature and Film in English Translation  (3 credits)  

Japan ended its national seclusion officially in 1868 and that marked the beginning of Japan's modern era. This course traces the development of modern Japanese literature.

Course Rotation: PLV: Fall and Spring.
JPN 154A  Topic: Japanese Studies  (3 credits)  
JPN 154B  Topic: Contemporary Japanese Culture  (3 credits)  
JPN 154C  Topic: Japanese Culture Through Film  (3 credits)  

This course uses the medium of film and video to study both contemporary and traditional Japanese society and culture. Through the visual images presented, students will be able to observe and very nearly experience the way in which Japanese people live. Viewers can witness fashion and foods to emotional crises and social challenges in different eras.

JPN 154D  Topic: Modern Japanese Culture - Discovery Program  (4 credits)  
JPN 154F  Topic: Love and Marriage in Japanese Literature and Film  (3 credits)  

Globalization, an aging population and economic change have had significant impact on marriage trends in Japan. Through the study of contemporary film with focus on the topic of love and marriage, we will explore changing Japanese lifestyles across generations.

JPN 154P  Topic: Japanese Women Writers  (3 credits)  
JPN 155N  Topic: Modern Japanese Literature  (3 credits)  
JPN 161  Culture and Literature of Modern Japan  (3 credits)  

Through a study of culture, Literature and film students will garner a better understanding of Japan in the 21st century.

Course Rotation: NY and PL: Fall
JPN 200  Topics in Japanese  (3 credits)  
JPN 200M  Topics in Japanese: Japanese Culture  (3 credits)  
JPN 201  Japanese Culture I  (3 credits)  
JPN 202  Japanese Culture II  (3 credits)  
JPN 250M  Topics in Japanese Culture: Literature and Film  (3 credits)  
JPN 250P  Topic: Japanese Women Writer  (3 credits)  
JPN 250R  Topics in Japanese Culture  (3 credits)  
JPN 251A  Topic: Japanese Literature Translation: Contemporary Japanese Culture  (3 credits)  
JPN 251M  Topics in Japanese: Literature and Film  (3 credits)  
JPN 271  Intermediate Japanese I  (3 credits)  
JPN 272  Intermediate Japanese II  (3 credits)  
JPN 280  Intensive Review of Japanese  (3 credits)  

This course is designed to bring students at an elementary level of proficiency in Japanese into the intermediate level of proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding as well as to foster cultural awareness.

Prerequisites: JPN 102 or 3 years of high school Japanese.
JPN 281  intermediate Japanese IIA  (3 credits)  

A review and expansion of the principles learned in the first year of Japanese. Greater emphasis will be placed on reading and writing skills. Based on readings of texts related to contemporary cultural issues, the student will enhance his knowledge of the language and the culture.

Course Rotation: TBA.
JPN 282  Intermediate Japanese II  (3 credits)  

A continuation of the principles established in JPN 281 with further work to improve communication skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Course Rotation: TBA.
JPN 283  Intermediate Japanese Conversation  (3 credits)  

or 4 years of high school Japanese.

JPN 299  Japanese Seminar  (3 credits)  
JPN 299A  Japanese Seminar: Conversation and Culture  (3 credits)  
JPN 299B  Japanese Seminar: Commercial Japanese  (3 credits)  
JPN 301  Advanced Japanese Seminar  (3 credits)  

Learning Japanese language on the advanced reading and writing level and nurturing speaking and listening with individual tutoring.

JPN 380  Japanese Seminar: Japanese for Professions  (3 credits)  

Seminars are designed to compliment the student's knowledge of Japanese literature by either covering material not included in other courses or by investigating in detail a major author or work.

Course Rotation: TBA.
Prerequisites: 6 credits of intermediate Japanese or permission of Instructor.
JPN 380A  Seminar: Conversational Business Japanese  (3 credits)  
JPN 380B  Seminar: Japanese Advance Composition  (3 credits)  
JPN 380C  Seminar: Japanese Culture and Civilization  (3 credits)  
JPN 380D  Topic: Advanced Composition  (3 credits)  
JPN 395  Independent Study in Japanese  (1-9 credits)  

With the approval of the appropriate faculty member, the department chairperson and the academic dean, students may select a topic for guided research that is not included in the regular course offerings. The student meets regularly with the faculty member to review progress. A research project or paper must also be submitted.

Course Rotation: TBA.
Prerequisites: Junior standing and a minimum CQPA of 3.00.
JPN 395A  Independent Study in Japanese (A)  (1-9 credits)  
JPN 395B  Independent Study in Japanese (B)  (1-9 credits)  
JPN 395C  Independent Study in Japanese (C)  (1-9 credits)