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Theatre (THR)

THR 196A  Topic: From Page to Stage  (3 credits)  

Through this course, students will see how the written word translates into live action.

THR 196F  Sound and Acoustics II  (3 credits)  

Continued work from THR 331 focusing on sound reinforcement, reproduction, and recording techniques for the theater. Emphasis is on the physics of sound transmission, acoustical parameters, and the equipment involved in all stages of the “sound chain”. A production sound design will be prepared.

THR 196G  Performing Arts Freshman Seminar  (1 credits)  

This course serves as an introduction into the business of performing arts. Students will learn basic audition etiquette and will understand theatre protocol and the chain-of-command.

Course Rotation: NYC:Fall
THR 196K  Topic: PAPE Travel Course  (0-3 credits)  

This course is designed to provide students with experiencing ensemble based theater performance and participating in workshops activiteis as part of three international theater festivals.

Course Rotation: NYC: Spring.
Prerequisites: Students must be a PAPE major. Permission of instructor required to register.
THR 196T  Topics in Theater: Introduction to Design and Technology for Theater  (3 credits)  

This is an exploratory studio class in which students will study the creative and production process for putting on a theatrical event. Students will explore the design process as performed by the Scenic, Lighting, Costume, and Sound designers. Students will learn to analyze the script and search out clues pertaining to design requirements. Students will explore the use of space, line, color, scale, light and shadow. Special emphasis will be placed on visual communication skills including drawing, rendering, painting and model making.

THR 296G  Topics: Theatre Production Management  (3 credits)  

Fundamentals of production management for theatre and live performance. Students will complete practical and written projects, and observe and assess elements of the production process.

Course Rotation: NY: Spring; odd years
THR 296J  Topic: High School Musicals: The Tech Side  (3 credits)  

The average High School Theater Teacher wears many hats – director, teacher, producer, designer, technician and so much more. They are often the one person that holds the entire production together. Most public school drama teachers have training in acting, English, music, and or other performance areas. Many have little training in the technical aspects of stage productions. This course aims to assist and/or train both the teacher and their students in many of the non-performance aspects of theater. The technical crew, often referred to any of the following: A/V Squad, Lighting Crew, Stage Crew, Techies, is called upon to figure much out for themselves. Our aim is to assist these unsung heroes of the high school teacher.

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor is required. Experience with technical theater and/or management will be extremely helpful. New Core: Fulfills 3 credits in Area of Knowledge I.
THR 296K  Topic: Arts and Entertainment Management  (3 credits)  

The study of non-profit and for-profit arts organizations, particularly those in the performing arts. The course covers organizational structure, the board of trustees, marketing, human resources, planning, financing, fund raising, and evaluation. The course also addresses major trends taking place in the field and career opportunities.

Course Rotation: NY: Spring.
THR 296L  Topic: Sketch Comedy Writing and Performance  (3 credits)  

This course will introduce the skills and techniques necessary to write and perform sketch comedy. Students will generate original material via improvisation, exercises and collaborative assignments that will culminate in a student-produced revue.

Course Rotation: Fall:NY
Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor required.
THR 296M  Topic: Modelmaking I  (3 credits)  

An exploration of the designer’s use of space in the theater cantered in modelmaking (scale1/4 inch or ½ inch). Through visual research, character exploration, discussions and reading from one play, students will come to understand the fundamentals of designing for the theatre.

Course Rotation: Fall;NY
THR 396F  Topic: Rapier and Dagger Fighting for the Stage  (3 credits)  

A hands-on comprehensive introduction to sword fighting for theatrical presentation. Students will be trained in the safe use and execution of the rapier and dagger techniques. They will be taught basic footwork, parries, offensive and defensive moves and choreography and then apply techniques to scene work. Attention will be given to the rehearsing of given fight choreography as it applies to the stage. Class will culminate in a skills proficiency fight test to be adjudicated by a qualified Fight Master with the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD).

Course Rotation: Fall:NY