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Arabic (ARA)

ARA 101  Elementary Arabic I  (3 credits)  

An introduction to the Arabic language through comprehensive approach designed to develop fundamental communication skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Course Rotation: TBA.
ARA 102  Elementary Arabic II  (3 credits)  

A continuation of the principles established in ARA 101.

Course Rotation: TBA.
Prerequisites: ARA 101 or 2 years of high school Arabic or equivalent.
ARA 154  Topic: From Arabic Literature in Translation  (3 credits)  
ARA 154A  The Prismatic Arab World: The Culture and Literature of the Coptics, Kurds, Nubians, and Turks  (3 credits)  

This course will reveal the multilayered and diverse components of the Arab world. It will focus on the culture and literatures of the Coptics, the Kurds, the Nubians, and the Turks. All readings and discussions are in English.

ARA 154B  Topic: Arabs in their own words  (3 credits)  

Arabic literature, language and culture: In their own words. Study of wide range of Arabic literary genres and themes as represented in their own words and inscribed by their own pens. It is a broad survey of Arabic literature of culture spanning from pre Islamic period to the present. It examines issues facing the Arab world through reading, reviewing and discussion of articles, novel, poetry and audio-visual materials.

ARA 154C  Topic: Exploring Egypt  (3 credits)  

The course is designed to strengthen and solidify reading, writing, speaking, and understanding skills by living and practicing the language in real life.

Course Rotation: NY: Spring.
ARA 280  Intensive Review of Arabic  (3 credits)  

: The course is designed to strengthen and solidify reading, writing, speaking and understanding skills acquired in ARA 101/102 (or equivalent) by the intensive review of grammar, class conversations and reading of literary texts.

Prerequisites: ARA 102 or 3 years of high school Arabic.
ARA 283  Intermediate Conversation  (3 credits)  

This course is an intermediate level course for students who possess a solid foundation in the fundamentals of the language who wish to improve their conversation ability to communicate effectively.

Prerequisites: ARA 280 or 4 years of high school Arabic.