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German (GER)

GER 101  Elementary German I  (3 credits)  
GER 102  Elementary German II  (3 credits)  
GER 154  Topics from German Literature in Translation  (3 credits)  
GER 154A  Topics in Translation: United Germany in the 90's  (3 credits)  
GER 154B  Topic: German Language and Culture  (2 credits)  
GER 154C  Topic: Introduction to Yiddish Language and Culture  (3 credits)  

This course will introduce students to Yiddish language and culture. Through readings, viewing films and cultural trips, students will learn about the origin and development of Yiddish and its place in Jewish history. The past, present and future of Yiddish culture in Eastern Europe and America will be focused on as well. No knowledge of Yiddish is required. Films are in English or have English subtitles. All readings and discussions are in English.

GER 154D  Contemporary German Fiction: The Search for a New Identity  (3 credits)  

This course will examine present day German writers in light of the Nazi past. We will ask throughout our readings whether it is possible to achieve a German identity free from the stain of recent history. We will proceed to a discussion and reflection on a matter of basic importance in the field of art appreciation: Should art have an ethical/moral obligation towards society or should art be unfettered by moral considerations?

GER 213  German for Commerce and Industry  (3 credits)  
GER 250A  Topic: The American Image  (3 credits)  
GER 250B  Topics in German Literature: Romanticism in German Literature  (3 credits)  
GER 250C  Topics in German Literature: German Literature in Film  (3 credits)  
GER 250D  Topic: 20th Century Drama  (3 credits)  
GER 250E  Topic Translation: German Culture Before and After Reunification  (3 credits)  
GER 250M  Topics: Dissident Literature of the Eastern Bloc  (3 credits)  
GER 250N  Topic: Culture of 20th Century Germany in Literature and Film  (3 credits)  
GER 250P  Topic: East Germany: Literature and Culture  (3 credits)  
GER 250R  Topics: German Fairy Tales and Fantasy  (3 credits)  
GER 251A  Topics German Literature in Translation: A Century of Kafka  (3 credits)  
GER 251M  The Forest in Literature of Germany and America  (3 credits)  
GER 251P  Topics: German Culture from the Weinmar Republic to Present  (3 credits)  
GER 280  Intensive Review of German  (3 credits)  
GER 281  Intermediate German I  (3 credits)  
GER 282  Intermediate German II  (3 credits)  
GER 293  Internship in German I  (3 credits)  
GER 299A  Seminar: Germany for Commerce and Industry  (3 credits)  
GER 301  German Conversation  (3 credits)  
GER 310  German Culture and Civilization I  (3 credits)  
GER 311  German Culture and Civilization II  (3 credits)  
GER 316  Masterpieces of German Literature I  (3 credits)  
GER 317  Masterpieces of German Literature II  (3 credits)  
GER 319  Introduction to German Literature  (3 credits)  
GER 380  German Seminar  (3 credits)  
GER 391  Internship in German  (3 credits)  
GER 395  Independent Study in German  (1-9 credits)