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Internet Technology (IT)

IT 152A  Technical Overview of Web Media and Internet for Accelerated Degree Program Students  (4 credits)  

The course introduces technical aspects of the Internet and Internetworking. Each class session contains lectures and hands-on exercises in the computer lab to demonstrate and reinforce concepts introduced in lectures. Subject matter covered includes networking concepts; network protocols; network related hardware and software; Internet, intranet and the Web; and security and privacy issues. Note: Only open to students in the Online Accelerated Bachelor's Degree Program.

IT 160  Web Media Project  (3 credits)  

This is a capstone course for the Web Media Certificate. In this project-based course, students use their knowledge from other IT courses to develop a completely functional Web site which includes all the features found in a commercial Web site.

Course Rotation: Fall and Spring.
Prerequisites: IT 156 or permission of chair.
IT 200  Internet Programming I  (3 credits)  

This course will cover scripting languages for the client-side JavaScript - and for the server-side - CGI scripts using Perl. JavaScript topics include embedding JavaScript codes into HTML pages, events, multimedia, form validation, and dynamic HTML (DHTML). CGI using Perl will cover basic concepts, how data is transmitted between clients and servers, processing forms, and database connectivity.

Course Rotation: Fall and Spring.
Prerequisites: IT 152 or permission of Department Chair.
IT 200A  Internet Programming I  (4 credits)  
IT 202  Internet Programming II  (3 credits)  

This course will cover client-and server side programs using Java. The focus is on writing Applets and Servlets. Applets cover AWT and swing, events, graphics and more. Servlets include processing of client data, session handling, Applet-Server communication, database connectivity and more. Introduction to Java Server Pages (JSP).

Course Rotation: Fall and Spring.
Prerequisites: IT 200 or permission of chair.
IT 202A  Internet Programming II  (4 credits)  
IT 204  Webmaster Techniques and Responsibilities  (3 credits)  

Students learn to install and configure a web server, an application server, run CGI scripts, and test security. Web security issues are covered. Topics include Unix and Windows/NT fundamentals, database issues, and legal, ethical and privacy issues. The full responsibilities of a Webmaster are discussed.

Course Rotation: Fall and Spring.
Prerequisites: IT 202 or permission of chair.