Group of students sitting around a table

Dyson General (DYS)

DYS 400  Senior Year Experience  (3 credits)  
DYS 499B  Senior Year Experience in Modern Languages and Cultures  (3 credits)  

A capstone senior seminar conducted in English and the languages which the students have studied. Students will partake in projects, presentations, research, and discussions in which they will examine the common and contrasting professional and cross-cultural aspects of the languages they have studied.

Course Rotation: Spring.
Prerequisites: Senior standing for LWT and MOL majors.
DYS 499C  Senior Year Capstone  (2 credits)  

This 2 unit capstone course is designed to increase the physician assistant student’s appreciation of the impact of chronic disease upon patients and their families and to assist the student in developing appropriate attitudes necessary for managing patients who will not recover from their illness. In addition to the social-behavioral aspects of interaction and management, the natural history, prognosis, treatment and prevention of chronic diseases will be discussed as well as the incorporation of a general medicine review.

Course Rotation: NYC: Summer II.
Prerequisites: Completion of all PAS level 300 courses. Restricted to students in the PA program only.
DYS 499D  Senior Year Experience in Philosophy and Religious Studies  (3 credits)