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Portuguese (POR)

POR 101  Elementary Portuguese I  (0-3 credits)  

An introduction to the Portuguese language and culture through a comprehensive approach designed to develop fundamental communication skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Supplemental videos, tapes, films and other materials are incorporated in the course.

Course Rotation: PLV: Fall.
POR 102  Elementary Portuguese II  (0-3 credits)  

A continuation of the principles established in POR 101. In addition, the course will introduce more complex sentence structures, past and future verb tenses, the subjunctive mood, and increase fundamental vocabulary. Supplementary videos, tapes, films and other materials are incorporated in the course.

Course Rotation: PLV: Spring
Prerequisites: POR 101 or 2 years of high school Portuguese or equivalent.
POR 154A  Topic: Contemporary Brazilian Literature and Culture  (3 credits)  

This course examines how Brazilian writers, filmmakers and culture trendsetters have constructed and questioned the image of modern Brazil

POR 154B  Topic: Brazilian Culture through Music and Cinema  (3 credits)  

This course is designed to introduce students to Brazilian culture and lifestyle through its rich music and cinema. By using audio and visual media, this course will provide students an opportunity to have a panoramic overview of the culture of Brazil - its vastness and diversity. Classes will be conducted in English, although students with Portuguese language background will have the opportunity to link the language with the culture.

POR 155A  Topic: Feminine Voices From the Portuguese-Brazlian World  (3 credits)  
POR 250A  Portuguese Literature in Translation: Contemporary Brazilian Novel  (3 credits)  
POR 250B  Topic: Culture and Civilization of Modern Brazil  (3 credits)  
POR 395  Independent Study in Portuguese  (1-6 credits)