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Global Studies (GLB)

GLB 101  An Introduction to Global Studies I  (3 credits)  

This course is intended to develop an understanding of the manifold ways in which the diverse peoples of the globe are interdependent. Certain problems, such as threats to peace, overpopulation, violations of human rights, global pollution, global terrorism, etc. affect us all. These are explored and some solutions are considered. Supranational and regional organizations are discussed. Throughout, emphasis is placed on an appreciation of the complexity of the modern world and the inadequacy of simplistic, ethnocentric approaches to it. This course may be taken in partial fulfillment of the Core Requirement in International Studies (Option II).

GLB 200A  Topics in Global Studies-Minicourse  (1 credits)  
GLB 296A  Topic: Clash of Civilization  (3 credits)  
GLB 390  Honors Project in Global Studies  (3 credits)  
GLB 395  Independent Study  (1-9 credits)