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Business (BUS)

BUS 043  Business Writing  (1 credits)  

Improves overall performance in writing business documents; including reports, memos, letters, and case analyses. Emphasis is on purpose, audience, tone, organization, format, diction, persuasion, and information. Presents models and theories of business communication. Required of all graduate business students who did not pass the business writing proficiency examination. Grading is based on a Pass/Fail basis.

Course Rotation: TBA.
BUS 101  Contemporary Business Practice  (3 credits)  

This interdisciplinary course will introduce students to the functions of business and their interrelationships. Students will work in teams to run simulated companies. Development of business writing and speaking, presentation and data analysis skills will be emphasized. BUS 101 is required as part of the Business Core for all business majors (with the exception of Public Accounting majors). Transfer students and continuing Pace non-business students who have completed 45 credits or more at the time of their admission or change of major to a Lubin program will be exempt from BUS 101.

Course Rotation: NYC Fall, Spring and Summer; PLV: Fall and Spring
BUS 255  Professional Planning and Practice for Internships and Careers  (1 credits)  

This course is designed to assist Lubin School of Business students to develop the fundamentals of career planning and prepare for successful internships. It will place emphasis on identifying possible career options, analysis of how skills, values and interests influence career decisions, job market research, and developing an effective job/internship search, including the development of a cover letter, resume and practicing interviewing skills.

Course Rotation: PLV: Fall and Spring
BUS 294  Business Internship  (0-1 credits)  

Business students with strong academic records may apply to undertake a carefully planned work experience, under the supervision of a faculty advisor that will demonstrate the practical application of their classroom training. Students are required to maintain a log of their internship activities and complete a paper which integrates work assignments with the study of business.

Course Rotation: Fall, Spring, and Summer.
BUS 296A  Topic: Business Communication for Business Success  (3 credits)  

The ability to write and speak effectively is a key to business success in any field. Using contemporary issues of the students' choosing, this course will sharpen students' skills in both oral and written communication so that they may compete with their peers in today's modern business world.

Course Rotation: TBA.
BUS 496  Advanced Professional Development for Career Readiness  (0-1 credits)  

This course will place emphasis on developing advanced professional skills including teamwork, business communication, business communication, etiquette, decision making, conflict resolution, ethics, negotiation, time management, leadership and e-communication. Students will complete a skills self-assessment at the beginning and end of the course along with a career development plan to follow throughout the course. Students will complete weekly assignments to integrate the material they learn though assignments, classroom discussion/collaboration, and implementation with faculty guest speakers. Weekly assignments will include a personal development journal along with either a journal article to analyze and reflect upon, or an instructional video based on the topic along with a quiz to assess the student’s knowledge on the skill topic. Students will complete an industry controversial issue analysis, in which they will analyze a potential issue within their professional field and present a formal position for the organization as a final project for the course.

Course Rotation: PLV: Spring