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Greek (GRK)

GRK 101  Elementary Classical Greek I  (3 credits)  

This course is an introduction to the Attic Greek of the fifth century B.C. Beginning with the alphabet, this course focuses on the learning enough basic grammar and syntax to begin to be able to translate from Greek to English.

Course Rotation: NYC: TBA.
GRK 102  Elementary Classical Greek II  (3 credits)  

An introduction to the fundamentals of classical Greek, including introductory readings.

GRK 111  Intermediate Greek  (3 credits)  

Continuation of the principles taught in Greek 101-102. In addition to more complex syntax, students will have an opportunity to read a classic text in Attic Greek such as Plato's Apology in the 2nd half of the semester.

Course Rotation: Fall; Even Years
GRK 250B  Topics in Greek: Greek Tragedy  (3 credits)  
GRK 251A  Greek Literature in Translation: Introduction to Classical Literature  (3 credits)  
GRK 251B  Topics in Greek Literature: Greek and Roman Comedy in Translation  (3 credits)