Critical Race and Ethnicity Studies Minor - NYC

Campus: NYC

This minor is organized around the insight that race and ethnicity are major ideological and experiential frameworks that inform every aspect of human experience, from the formation of the individual to the organization of diverse societies.  Among its learning outcomes is thinking critically abut issues in political, social, scientific, economic, and cultural life stemming from the diversity of experiences related to race and ethnicity.

For details and advisement, students see Prof. Sarah Blackwood, program director of American Studies major, New York City campus.

Minor Requirements

Required Course
AMS 200Introduction to Critical Race and Ethnicity Studies3
Elective Courses
Select four courses from the following list:12
Native and Indigenous Peoples Studies
Constructing Whiteness in America
Global Culture and Local Identities
People and Cultures of the Middle East
Urban Ethnography
Magic and the Spirit World
Latino Families in Cross-Cultural Perspective
African Diaspora Through Film
Black Women in Cross Cultural Perspectives
Art History: Latin American Art
Art History: African Art
Art History: Aspects of Asian Art
Biology and Contemporary Society
Intercultural Communication
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Crime and Public Policy
Community Relations in the Criminal Justice System
Structure and Function of Police Organization
Homeland Security Strategies
Strategies in Corrections Administration
Terrorism and Society
Sports Economics
Economics Geography
The Economics of Poverty and Income Distribution
Global Finance, Investments and Economic Activity
China and the U.S. Economic and Political Relations: Past, Present and Future
From Wall Street to the Great Wall
Globalization, Trade and the Environment
Environmental Justice
Nature and the City
Topics: Urban Environmental Geography
Film and Revolution: World Cinemas
Hip-Hop Cinema and Visual Culture
GLA - All classes in Global Asia Studies
American Civilization to 1877
American Civilization Since 1877
The Asian World: A Historical Survey
Africa: An Historical Survey
Latin America: The Colonial Era
Modern Latin America
Ancient and Medieval African History
Israel and Palestine: The Heritage and the Challenge
Latin America: Century of Social Change and Revolution
Wars in the Asia-Pacific
Modern Japan
The American Civil War
American Urban History
Recent United States History
Modern History of Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran
History of American Women
African-American History Since 1910
Faith, Society, Conflict: The Middle East from Ancient Times to the Arab Spring
Topic: Global Politics of Peace and Social Justice
Third World? Two-Thirds World!
Children in Urban Society
Hong Kong and Bollywood: Globalization of Asian Cinema
From Nestor to Chopin: Slavic Civilizations
Southern Exposure: The World Role of the Southern Hemisphere
The Holocaust and Modern Genocides: Representations in History, Literature and Film
Luz, Camara, Accion! : Film as Mirror of Social Change in Latin American History and Culture
"For Land, Bread and Liberty": The Latin American Social Revolution in History and Culture
American Voices
Latina/o Voices: Transnational Currents in American Writing
Literature of African Peoples II
Early American Black Lives Matter
Postcolonial Literature
The Black Arts Movement
Topic: Postcolonial Literature: The Caribbean
LLS - All classes in Latino/a/x Studies
World Theater
Theater of the Oppressed
Theatre and Social Justice
An Evolution of the Spoken Word
American Government and Political Institutions
Introduction to International Relations
Politics Workshop: African Politics and Foreign Policy
Twenty-First Century Politics
Issues in Public Policy
Public Opinion and Polling Methods
Politics and Media
Latinx Politics in the United States
Topic: Race and American Political Development
Politics Workshop: Politics of Law in American Society
Politics Workshop: International Organization
Politics Workshop: United Nations
Politics Through Film
Intersectional Critical Liberation Psychology
Psychology of Cultural Diversity
Understanding a Globalized World
Social Psychology
Social Problems
Urban Sociology
Race and Ethnicity in Cities
Sociology of Deviance
Race and Ethnicity
Community Service in New York City
Urban Planning
Topic: Negotiating Border Lines - Latino Films of the United States
Topic: Borders of Latino/a Identity: An Introduction to Latino/a Literature and Culture of the US
Perspectives on America: The Experience of Latina Writers
Latin American Cinema
The Literature and Culture of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean
The Literature and Culture of the Indigenous Societies of Latin America
Latin American Theatre
The Culture of Mexico
Topic: Latin American Literature and Film of the 21st Century: The Andean World
Gender, Race and Class
Global Activism and Transnational Feminist Theories
Topic: Asian/American Women
Topic: Sexualities and the City in North and South America
Topic: Women, Gender, and Feminisms in Latin America
Topics: Hot Latina/os? Race, Gender, and Sexualities in Latin America
Total Credits15