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Sociology/Anthropology Minor

Minor Requirements

Discipline Requirements
Select one 100-level course in Sociology and one 100-level course in Anthropology from the following:6
Introduction to Anthropology
Global Culture and Local Identities
Kinship and the Family
People and Cultures of the Middle East
Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to Social Work
Social Problems
Urban Sociology
Race and Ethnicity in Cities
Dynamics of Change - What Next?
Sociology of Deviance
Sociology Through Film
Select three courses with a SOC or ANT heading but not more than one of the following:9
Internship in Sociology
Independent Study in Anthropology
Independent Study in Sociology
Total Credits15

Note: Courses from interdisciplinary programs (AMS, ENV, LAS, WGS) generally are not considered applicable towards this minor, unless taught by a SOC/ANT faculty member and approved (in writing) by the SOC/ANT program director.