NonProfit Studies Minor

The Nonprofit Studies minor will equip students with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to succeed in careers in foundations, human services, economic development, advocacy organizations, museums, the arts, and environmental organizations.  It is open to students from all majors and colleges.

Minor Requirements

Pre-professional Skills Courses
Select two of the following:6
Web Design for Non-Profit Organizations
Strategic Planning and Marketing
Project Development and Grant Writing
The Not-for-Profit Sector
Financial Resource Development for Not-for-Profits
Select one of the following Tracks:9
Total Credits15

Global NonProfit Sector Track

This track is offered to students interested in the international nonprofit sector who wish to learn more about topics such as NGO's; international humanitarian organizations; social entrepreneurship in a global contest; the public sector in other nations; and advocacy organizations that work across national borders. Course selection must include one internship course but not more than two such courses.

Select three of the following: 19
Global Culture and Local Identities
International Finance Field Study
Latin America: The Caribbean and the World
International Marketing Field Study
Seminar/Lab in Social Entrepreneurship
Humanitarianism and International Aid Work
Internship in Peace and Justice Studies
Topic: Introduction to International Organizations
Internship in Sociology
The Girl Child-A Global Perspective
Internship in Women's and Gender Studies
Total Credits9

NYC and Urban NonProfit Sector Track

This track is offered to students interested in the U. S. domestic or local NYC metropolitan nonprofit sector.

Select three of the following: 19
Internship in American Studies
Urban Ethnography
Topics in Professional Writing
History Internship
Children in Urban Society
Public Relations
Business and Society
Internship in Peace and Justice Studies
Urban Planning
Internship in Sociology
A Cultural History of Sexualities from Prehistory to the Present
Women as Change Agents: Gender and Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector
Other course choices that might be available include the following: 2
AMS course: Museums and Cultural Institutions
HIS course: Public History Seminar
HIS course: Introduction to Public History
SOC course: Social Movements
Total Credits9