Accelerated Combined Undergraduate/Graduate BA and BS/Master's and Juris Doctor Programs

These accelerated baccalaureate and higher-level programs are intended for Dyson bachelor of arts and bachelor of science students with superior academic ability who wish to earn a bachelor's degree and a higher level degree (select MA, MS, or Juris Doctor) in less time than is normally required.

Because these accelerated programs require that graduate credits (12 - 24 depending on program) are taken in undergraduate senior year, undergraduate candidates must demonstrate that they can meet the requirements and rigors of both undergraduate and graduate study in a compressed time period.  They also must satisfy separate admission requirements for both parts of the program, and admission to the undergraduate part of the program does not guarantee admission to the program's graduate part.

Note: Both Baccalaureate and higher-level degrees are awarded at completion of higher-level program requirements.

BA and BS Select Majors/JD

The field of law spans many disciplines and welcomes new perspectives. In this dual-degree program - Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in a major listed below/Juris Doctor, Pace offers qualified students an opportunity to focus their undergraduate study on an area of interest and then apply it to law.  This is an accelerated six-year program.

For acceptance into the program interested students early in their sophomore year must apply separately to the School of Law and by the end of junior year must meet all established criteria for admission, including an appropriate score on the LSAT.  Admission into the undergraduate portion of the program does not guarantee admission into Law School.   

Available accelerated BA/JD Programs:

  • Biology/Juris Doctor
  • Communications/Juris Doctor
  • English/Juris Doctor
  • Environmental Studies/Juris Doctor
  • History/Juris Doctor
  • Philosophy and Religious Studies/Juris Doctor
  • Political Science/Juris Doctor

Available Accelerated BS/JD Program:

  • Criminal Justice/Juris Doctor

For curriculum of an undergraduate major, please see undergraduate section of this catalog. For Juris Doctor curriculum, please see Law School Catalog.

Note: Biology BA students in this dual-degree program will have the opportunity to apply their scientific expertise to the University’s Environmental Law program, which is internationally recognized. Environmental Litigation Clinic allows students to participate in litigation relating to the environment, such as the Hudson River System whose waters are protected by Riverkeeper Inc., a public interest group.