Group of students sitting around a table

Second Language Proficiency Policy

All undergraduate students with two or more years of high school study in Chinese, French, Italian, Russian or Spanish, who plan to continue their study of the same language in either the fall, spring or summer semester must take a placement examination to determine the appropriate level of college study. Test scores remain valid for one year, so students who postpone language study beyond that year must retake the placement test. All students with less than two years of high school study in a language will automatically be placed in the 10-level course in their chosen language.

All students must begin their language study at the evaluated placement level and will not receive Core credit if they start at a lower level.

  • Students placed at 101 must take 101 and 102 in the same language.
  • Students placed at 102 must take 102 and 280 in the same language.
  • Students placed at the 200 level or above must take one 3-credit course at the level of their placement.