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English/Publishing, BA/MS

This is an accelerated 5-year program of 152 credits, with 12 graduate credits taken in the undergraduate senior year.  This accelerated program allows students to complete work for both degrees in less time than it would take to do each separately. For undergraduate curriculum, please see undergraduate section of this catalog. For graduate curriculum, please consult the Graduate Viewbook of the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences. 

Please note: this program is not a combined or joint degree program. The bachelor’s degree is granted first followed by completion of the Master’s degree. After the bachelor’s degree is granted students are no longer eligible for undergraduate Financial Aid, though there are Graduate Scholarship opportunities available. For more information on the MS graduate degree, please visit the program's website.

Total Undergraduate Major Credits: (128)
Includes 12 Publishing graduate credits taken in Undergraduate senior year.
Subtotal: 128

Additional Graduate Credits (24)
Total BA and MS Credits: 151

Total Credit Hours: 151