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Political Science, BA/Law-JD (PSL)

Campus: NYC, Westchester

Political Science BA + JD Program:

Pace University undergraduate students enrolled in the Political Science major who wish to obtain the JD may do so while completing their bachelor's degree. The combined degree allows Dyson undergraduate students to enroll in Pace Law during their senior year and complete both degrees within six years rather than seven. This is called the 3+3 program and is not open to students who are already enrolled in Pace’s JD program.


In order to be eligible to participate, a minimum of 96 undergraduate credits are required, including undergraduate core requirements as well as all required courses in the political science major. Students apply to the Bachelors program at Dyson and later apply separately to Pace Law by January 1st of their junior year at Pace University. Successful applicants must meet the academic and character and fitness requirements for admission to the Law School.  It is recommended that prospective 3+3 students take the LSAT by June of their Sophomore year or December of their Junior year.

Students will follow the sequence below:


Three Years Undergraduate – Complete Core Requirements and Major Requirements

Three Years of Law School – First Year of Law School satisfies undergraduate degree requirements. After the successful completion of the first-year of law school, a student will received their undergraduate degree.


For a Major Map of the accelerated degree, please see: