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Writing and Rhetoric,BA/Law-JD

Students majoring in Writing and Rhetoric gain critical skills directly applicable to a career in law. With a combined degree, Writing and Rhetoric majors begin their law career trajectories while gaining rhetorical and writing foundations. The combined degree provides opportunities to practice writing in many forms and develop knowledge and skills, such as impact of rhetorical choices, the art of argumentative communication, and analysis and synthesis of texts, all of which are critical for admittance and success in law school and eventual careers in law.  Through this accelerated degree, students will benefit from faculty mentorship, small courses, internships, and an active campus-wide writing community. 

This is an accelerated 6-year program of 186 credits. For the undergraduate curriculum, please see the undergraduate section of this catalog. For the graduate curriculum, please see the Graduate Viewbook of the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences.

Total Undergraduate Major Credits: (98)

Includes 30 Law credits taken in undergraduate senor year.

Total Credit Hours: 128