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Writing and Rhetoric, BA/Master of Public Administration

The five-year combined degree program of the Writing and Rhetoric and Public Administration provides students with a valuable and robust interdisciplinary experience, where they will gain critical skills and knowledge that can be applied in a broad range of careers in government, healthcare, and nonprofit administration. With the combined degree, students are prepared to become value-driven public service administrators across sectors.  Through the combined degree program, students will benefit from faculty mentorship, small courses, internships, and an active campus-wide writing community. The program includes opportunities to build foundational knowledge and practical skills, such as research, analytical, and writing skills applicable across varying contexts and situations. In addition, students develop management expertise and in-depth knowledge of specific policy areas of individual interest. Students become competent global professionals capable of ethical, innovative, and creative leadership in public service management. 

This is an accelerated 5-year program of 155 credits, with 15 graduate credits taken in the undergraduate junior and senior years. For the undergraduate curriculum, please see the undergraduate section of this catalog. For the graduate curriculum, please see the Graduate Viewbook of the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences.

Total Undergraduate Major Credits: (128)

Includes 15 MPA graduate credits taken in undergraduate junior and senior years.

Total Credit Hours: 128