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English Language and Literature, BA/Adolescent Education, MST

The five-year combined degree program supports majors in English Language and Literature in pursuing in-depth academic study within their major as well as graduate coursework in pedagogy and theories of education. Students graduate from this program with the teacher certification needed for employment in schools in New York State. 

Students in this combined degree program will enjoy advanced study in their chosen concentration within the English major-- either Creative Writing, Literature, Culture and Media, or Language and Linguistics-- and in their junior and senior years will begin taking courses that will help them develop the specific skills and credentials needed to be an effective teacher. As English majors, they will benefit from the NYC English Department's nationally-recognized model of experiential learning, faculty mentorship, small courses, illustrious guest speakers, writers, artists, and activists, and an active writing community. 

This is an accelerated 5-year program of 152 credits, with 12 graduate credits taken in the undergraduate junior and senior years. Students are able to complete the two degrees in less time than it would take to complete both separately. For the undergraduate curriculum, please see the undergraduate section of this catalog. For the graduate curriculum, please see the Graduate Viewbook of the School of Education.

Total Undergraduate Major Credits: (128)

Includes 12 Education graduate credits taken in undergraduate junior and senior years.

Total Credit Hours: 128