Middle Eastern Studies Minor

Optional Language Study

Language study is optional in this minor.  Interested students may apply six credits of language study to this minor by:

  1. Completing ARA 101 Elementary Arabic I and ARA 102 Elementary Arabic II at Pace,
  2. Bypassing the SAT II in Hebrew, or
  3. Transferring college credits in Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, or Turkish. 

Students beginning a language at the 101 level must complete a 102 level course in order to count language credits toward the minor.  Native speakers of a Middle Eastern language may apply three credits to the minor by passing a proficiency test at Pace for Arabic and at New York University for other approved languages.

Minor Requirements

Required Courses
Group A
Select 6-9 credits of the following:6-9
People and Cultures of the Middle East
Elementary Arabic I
The Middle East: An Historical Survey
Topic: History and Religion of the Middle East: Holy Nationalism
Beyond the Veil: Women in Middle Eastern History and Literature
Group B
Select 6-9 credits of the following: 16-9
Elementary Arabic II
Israel and Palestine: The Heritage and the Challenge
Modern Islamic World: 1850-Present
The World of the Middle Ages: Byzantium
History of North Africa After 1800
Topic: Islamic Social and Cultural History to 1850
Middle Eastern Cities: Then and Now
Group C
Select one of the following:3
Topic: Anthropological Perspective of Women and Warfare
Discrimination, Integration and Assimilation: Global Jewish Experience
Topic: Tolstoy, Turks and Taliban: Russia's "Orient"
Religions of the Globe
Total Credits15-21