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East Asian Studies Minor

Minor Requirements 

Required Courses
Group A
Select two or three of the following:6-8
Elementary Chinese I (Mandarin) 1
Elementary Chinese II (Mandarin)
Chinese Culture and Literature
Elementary Japanese I 1
Elementary Japanese II
Intermediate Japanese I
Intermediate Japanese II
Topic: Modern Japanese Literature and Film in English Translation
Group B
Select three or four courses from the following:12-18
Art History: Aspects of Asian Art
The Asian World: A Historical Survey
Modern East Asia in Film
Nonviolent Activism in Modern Asia
Wars in the Asia-Pacific
Modern China
Modern Japan
Barbarians and Mandarins: China and Her Inner Asian Neighbor
Topic: Tolstoy, Turks and Taliban: Russia's "Orient"
Topic: Cultural Heritages and Learning in Inner Asia 2
Topic: Bible and Gun: Christianity in China since 1500
The Sacred and the Secular in East Asia 3
Hong Kong and Bollywood: Globalization of Asian Cinema
Worlds In Literature: The Asian Diaspora
Great Ideas in Eastern Religious Thought
Total Credits18-26

Note: Other history and culture courses in the field of Asian Studies can be substituted with approval of program director.

One course from a professional program (e.g., business, accounting) with a clearly defined focus on East Asia may be counted towards this minor with approval of the program director.