Women's and Gender Studies Minor

This is an interdisciplinary minor open to all students.

Minor Requirements

Required Courses
Select one course from each of the following groups:
Group 1
WS 115Intro to Women's & Gender Studies3-4
or WS 115C Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies through Civic Engagement
Group 2
Select one of the following:3
Global Activism and Transnational Feminist Theories
Queer Theory
Seminar in Feminist Theory
Select at least one of the following:3
Gender, Race and Class
Introduction to Queer Studies
The Medieval Woman
The Girl Child-A Global Perspective
Queer Stories:LGBTQ People and Communities in Historical Context
Meanings and Models of Motherhood in European History and Literature
Men and Masculinities
Lesbians in Literature and Film
A Cultural History of Sexualities from Prehistory to the Present
Women in Jeopardy
Gay Male Experiences
Internship in Women's and Gender Studies
Queer Cinema
Women and Film: Past and Present
Science Fiction and Gender
Global Activism and Transnational Feminist Theories
Topics in Women's Studies
Topic: Living Under Fire - Women and Warfare
Topic: Melodrama in America
Topic: Asian/American Women
Job Opportunities in Sexuality Education and Reproductive Justice in the Nonprofit Sector
Mini-skirts and Headscarves: Gender, Nationality, and Migration in Modern Europe
Queer Theory
Performing Identities: Cross-Dressing and Gendered Personas in Drama
Topic: Sexuality and Society
"How to Change the World": An Introduction to Feminist Activism and Social Change
Topic: Girl's Activism in the 21st Century
Topic: Sexualities and the City in North and South America
Gender and Human Rights: an Introduction to Transnational Feminist Activism
Select up to two additional courses from the following:6
Kinship and the Family
Topic: Anthropological Perspective of Women and Warfare
Women and Gender Through a Global Perspective
Topic: Sexuality and Nation Building
Topic: Sexuality and Culture
Human Sexuality
Law and Society
Topic: Interpreting Film
Criminal Justice System Responses to Domestic Violence and Child Abuse
Topics in French Literature: French Women Writers
The European Experience: The Age of the Renaissance
History of American Women
European Women and Social Change
American Women in Literature and Life: The Changing Roles of American Women
Beyond the Veil: Women in Middle Eastern History and Literature
Children in Urban Society
Modern Latin American Divas: Female Political, Social and Cultural Leadership in the Republican Era
Women in Literature I
Topics in Literature
Women in Literature II
American Women Writers
Sociology of Deviance
American Women in Literature and Life: The Changing Roles of American Women
Introduction to Cultural Studies
Difference of Self: Historical Analysis of Women's Health
Women and American Literature
African American Literature
Literary Theory and Criticism
Literatures of Diversity
Early Modern Literature: Early Modern Women's Writing
Great Authors: Jane Austen
Shakespeare: Before 1600
Feminist Issues in Literature
Images of Women in Literature
Women in Music
Women at Risk: Health Care for Marginalized Women
Gender and Politics
Psychology of Women
Human Sexual Behavior
Topic: Children and Youth - A Global Perspective
Abnormal Psychology I
Topic: Women in World Religions
Social Movements
Sociology of the Family
Gender and Social Change
Spanish Seminar
Seminar: Women Writers of Spain and America
Total Credits15-16