American Studies Minor - NYC

Campus: NYC

The American Studies minor is a path to studying the United States and its borderlands across a range of disciplines and departments in Dyson College. Designed to enrich and to be compatible with any major, the minor provides a cultural studies framework for understanding national ideals as well as contradictions through elective coursework in the areas of American Arts and American Publics.  With an American Studies minor, you prove your skill at critical analysis, your commitment to place-based knowledge, and your capacity to lead much-needed conversations about social equality.  

Minor Requirements

Required Course
AMS 102Introduction to American Studies3
Elective Courses
Students must take an additional four elective courses (12 credits) from a variety of departments. Follow your own interdisciplinary path through one or both of the following areas: 112-16
Area 1: American Arts
Native and Indigenous Peoples Studies
Topic: Public Cultures: Museum Studies
Topic: Public Cultures: Urban Cultural Life and the Downtown Culture Explosion
Topics: Entertaining America's Children
Magic and the Spirit World
Art as a Vehicle of Social Commentary and Political Progress
Contemporary Art History
Art History: Architectural History of New York City
Art History: Modern Art
New York and the Visual Arts
Art History: American Art
Hip Hop in Contemporary Art and Design
Native American Art History
Public Art in the Urban Context
International Center for Photography: Fundamentals of Studio Lighting
Mobile Media: City as Screen
Media, Culture, and Society
Writing for the Electronic Media
Writing for Convergent Technologies
New Communication Technologies and Moral Panic
Digital Cultures
Communication and Popular Culture
Introduction to Journalism
Introduction to Cultural Studies
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Economic Issues through a Photographer's Lens
Creative Nonfiction
Advanced Writing: The Art of the Memoir
Language in Society
Writing About Culture: Ethnography
Writing Cultural Criticism for the Web
The Aesthetics and Technology of Motion Picture Production
History of Film I
History of Film II: World War II - Present
Digital Television Field Production
Film Genres
Major Film Movements
Seminar on Film
American Literature I
American Voices
Latina/o Voices: Transnational Currents in American Writing
The New American Dream: Literature and Cultural Division
American Literature II
Young Adult Fiction
Early American Black Lives Matter
American Women Writers
Introduction to Cultural Studies
Contemporary American Poetry
Twentieth Century Literature: Labyrinths in Literature and Film
American Literature I
Masters of American Literature II
African American Literature
Selfies, Literature and the Visual
Studies in American Literature
Literatures of Diversity
The Black Arts Movement
Rock and Contemporary Culture
How the Entertainment Industry Works
Current Theater in New York
Current Dance in New York
Theater for Social Change
Theater of the Oppressed
Theatre and Social Justice
Ancient Philosophy
Legal and Political Philosophy
Environmental Ethics
Political Philosophy from Machiavelli to Marx
Special Topics in Philosophy
Theory of the World
Ethical Theories
Philosophy of Religion
Topic: Negotiating Border Lines - Latino Films of the United States
Topic: Borders of Latino/a Identity: An Introduction to Latino/a Literature and Culture of the US
Perspectives on America: The Experience of Latina Writers
The Literature and Culture of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean
Latin American Theatre
Lesbians in Literature and Film
A Cultural History of Sexualities from Prehistory to the Present
Gay Male Experiences
Queer Cinema
Queer Theory
Seminar in Feminist Theory
Area 2: American Publics
Constructing Whiteness in America
Topic: Anarchism in the U.S.
Urban Ethnography
Black Women in Cross Cultural Perspectives
Biology and Contemporary Society
Urban Ecology
Media, Culture, and Society
Introduction to Mass Media
Intercultural Communication
Milestones in Communication Research
New Communication Technologies and Moral Panic
Political Communication
Topic: Digital Youth Activism in Everyday Life
Ethics, Morality, and the Media
Media and Gender
Media Criticism
Citizen Journalism and Deliberation
COS 396A
Government Administration
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Crime and Public Policy
Alcohol, Drugs and Crime
Organized Crime
Law and Society
Community Relations in the Criminal Justice System
Contemporary Perspectives on Violence
Homeland Security Strategies
Controversial Criminal Cases
Creative Crime Control
Terrorism and Society
Courts Administration
Criminal Evidence and Procedure
Criminal Justice System Responses to Domestic Violence and Child Abuse
Sports Economics
Economics Geography
The Economics of Poverty and Income Distribution
Economics and Public Policy Perspectives of Crime
Topics: Sustainable Development
Topic: U.S. Economy and Monetary Policy
Current Economic Issues
Social Responsibility and the World of Nature
Environmental Studies: Economic, Ethical and Political Perspectives
Environmental Studies - Basic Issues
Globalization, Trade and the Environment
Energy Policy
Environmental Justice
Topic: Sustainability and Social Change
Nature and the City
Environmental Policy and Sustainable Governance
Development of Environmental Regulation
American Civilization to 1877
American Civilization Since 1877
HIS 113 (various topics courses)
American Social and Cultural History
Wars in the Asia-Pacific
The American Civil War
American Colonial History
The American Revolution
Constitutional History of the United States
History of the American Presidency 1900 - Present
American Urban History
American Labor History
Recent United States History
Culture and History of Black America
Ethnic and Racial History of the United States
History of American Women
African-American History Since 1910
United States in the Era of Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1929-1945
Economic History of the United States
History of America Immigration Law, 1790 to the Present
History of New York City
History and Geography of New York
Latina/o Communities
Normative Ethics: Contemporary Moral Problems
Ethics in the Workplace
Business Ethics
Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies
Nonviolence: Theory and Practice
American Government and Political Institutions
Twenty-First Century Politics
Revolution or Reform
Political Parties and Interest Groups
Issues in Public Policy
Public Opinion and Polling Methods
Classical Political Thought
Modern Political Theory
American Political Thought
Feminist Political Theory
Latinx Politics in the United States
Psychology and Law
Health Psychology
Psychology of Cultural Diversity
Psychology of Women
Psychology of Civic Engagement
Social Psychology
History of Psychology
Lifespan Development Psychology
Experimental Psychology I
Introduction to the Study of Religion
Race and Ethnicity in Cities
Sociology of Deviance
Race and Ethnicity
Juvenile Delinquency
Gender and Social Change
Sexuality, Reproduction and the Family
Community Service in New York City
Urban Planning
Social Theory
Social Research Methods
Gender, Race and Class
Queer Stories:LGBTQ People and Communities in Historical Context
Men and Masculinities
Transgender Studies
Total Credits15-19