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Queer Studies Minor - NYC

Campus: NYC

Minor Requirements

Choose 15 credits from the ist below
WS 166Gender, Race and Class3
WS 169Introduction to Queer Studies3
WS 293Transgender Studies3
INT 297QUnderstanding Community and Diversity: Queer Cultures6
WS 285Queer Cinema3
WS 340Queer Cinema/Theory3
WS 268Men and Masculinities3
WS 296LTopic: Queer Theory3
WS 296STopic: Dress, Desire and Gesture: Sexualities of Renaissance Europe3
WS 270A Cultural History of Sexualities from Prehistory to the Present3
WS 250Queer Stories:LGBTQ People and Communities in Historical Context3
WS 269Lesbians in Literature and Film3
WS 297ATopic: Asian/American Women3
WS 297DTopic: Sexuality and Society3
WS 297GTopic: Sexualities and the City in North and South America3
WS 297HTopic: Women, Gender, and Feminisms in Latin America3
WS 297ITopics: Hot Latina/os? Race, Gender, and Sexualities in Latin America3
WS 297SInclusive Sex Education and Reproductive Health in the Nonprofit Sector3
WS 297KAsexuality Studies3
WS 296XTopic: Slumming and Tramping: The Queer America3
WS 297YCreative Writing for Social Justice: Feminist, Queer, and Trans Perspectives3
WS 297ZTopic: Black Sexualities and Creative Resistance3
WS 288Women and Film: Past and Present3
WS 369Queer Theory3
INT 297JPerforming Identities: Cross-Dressing and Gendered Personas in Drama6
ITA 154TGender and Sexuality, Italian Style3
LIT 345Literatures of Diversity3
ANT 296TTopic: Sexuality and Nation Building3
PSY 234Human Sexual Behavior3
BIO 115Human Sexuality3
FSS 155Freaks, Queers, and Outsiders: Filmmaking from the Margins3
SOC 116Sociology of Deviance3
SOC 223Sexuality, Reproduction and the Family3
SOC 296JTopic: Men and Masculinities3
At least ONE course taken from the list above must come from this list of introductory courses
WS 169Introduction to Queer Studies3
WS 268Men and Masculinities3
AND at least ONE course must come from this list of more advanced courses
WS 369Queer Theory3
WS 293Transgender Studies3
WS 340Queer Cinema/Theory3
Or an upper-division queer studies class approved by the WGS chair as a substitute

Updated: December 3, 2021