Group of students sitting around a table

African and African-American Studies Minor

Minor Requirements

Group A
Select two of the following:6
Art History: African Art
Africa: An Historical Survey
Literature of African Peoples II
Approved Topics courses
Group B
Select three of the following:9
Topics: From French Literature in Translation
Caribbean America
South American Colossus: The History of Modern Brazil
History of Modern South Africa
Culture and History of Black America
History of North Africa After 1800
African-American History Since 1910
African American Literature
Approved Topics courses
Group C
Select one of the following:3
Urban Economics
Comparative Racial and Gender Politics of South Africa and the U.S.
Southern Exposure: The World Role of the Southern Hemisphere
Literatures of Diversity
Race and Ethnicity
WS 266AGender, Race, and Class - Learning Community3
or WS 266C Gender, Race and Class (CAP)
Approved topics and interdisciplinary courses
Total Credits21