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Diplomacy Minor


15 Total Credits Required for the Minor: Required Courses are: POL 114, POL 303A or 303C, POL 322 The Diplomacy Minor is 15 credits and there is no double counting with classes already being used for the International Relations and Global Studies or Political Science majors.
POL 114Introduction to International Relations3
POL 303APolitics Workshop: International Organization3
POL 303CPolitics Workshop: United Nations3
POL 322Diplomacy (Electives)3
Choose two courses from the following
POL 120Crimes Against Humanity: Political Perspectives3
POL 225Global Justice3
POL 230U.S. Foreign Relations3
POL 202FTopic: Introduction to International Organizations3
POL 247International Law and Human Rights3
POL 297BEnvironmental Politics3
POL 297LGlobal Politics of Disarmament and Arms Control3
POL 325Conflict Analysis3
POL 326Reconciliation and Transitional Justice3
PJS 250Working Through Conflict: Mediation, Negotiation and Facilitation3
PJS 296ATopic: The UN as an Instrument of Peace3
PJS 296BTopics: Women Activists for Peace and Justice3
PJS 300Intersectionality, Conflict, and Peace3
PJS 301Humanitarianism and International Aid Work3
HIS 113UThe American Experience: The United States and the World3
HIS 247The Global Cold War3
HIS 249American Foreign Relations3
HIS 252American Diplomatic History 1898-Present3
HIS 255Diplomatic History of Europe 1914 to Present3
CMS 213Intercultural Communication3
WS 291Global Activism and Transnational Feminist Theories3
WS 297E"How to Change the World": An Introduction to Feminist Activism and Social Change3
WS 297FTopic: Girl's Activism in the 21st Century3
WS 305Women as Change Agents: Gender and Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector3
PAA 616Project Development and Grant Writing1-3
PAA 630Intergovernmental Relations3
PAA 632Policy Studies3
PAA 670The Not-for-Profit Sector3