Translation Studies Minor - NYC

Campus: NYC

For acceptance into this minor students must satisfy the following prerequisite language requirements:

Six credits of intermediate-level foreign language courses or equivalent in language chosen for the specialization: Spanish, Russian, Italian, or French.

Minor Requirements

Core Requirement
TRS 200Introduction to Translation Studies (or LIT 300-level course in Theories of Translation)3
Advanced Course in Chosen Language
Select one of the following 300-level courses in the student's chosen language of specialization:3
Advanced Spanish Composition
Advanced Oral and Written Expression
Russian Composition and Conversation
Advanced Italian Composition
Advanced French Composition
Advanced Oral and Written Expression
Translation and Interpretation Course
Select one advanced course in chosen language of specialization of the following:3
Spanish Translation, Interpretation, and Conversation
Russian Translation and Interpretation
ITA 300-level course in Italian Translation and Interpretation
FRE 300-level course in French Translation and Interpretation
Elective Courses
Select two of the following with at least one course in the language of specialization (SPA, RUS, ITA, or FRE):6
Spanish for Professional Communication
Russian for Professional Communication
Italian for Industry and the Professions
Advanced French for Industry and the Professions I
ENG 300-level Workshop in Literary Translation
ONE 300-level Translation II course in specialization language of SPA, RUS, ITA, or FRE
Total Credits15