New York City Studies Minor

New York City Studies consists of a series of courses that explore the history and culture of New York. By studying literary, sociological, scientific and historical texts; by visiting and exploring the city's museums, performances, and neighborhoods; and by working in and serving the city's communities, students will attain a rich understanding of the complex and diverse heritage they inherit by participating in this program.

For more information about how you may major in whatever you like while also becoming a New York City insider contact:

Professor Barbara Blumberg
History Department
41 Park Row, Room 1109
(212) 346-1459 or

Minor Requirements

Required Courses
Group A
Select 3-4 courses of the following: 112
New York City: From Great Metropolis to World Capital 1898-Present
Concert Season in New York
Topics in Art
Coastal Oceanography
Urban Sociology
Topics from Hispanic Literature and Culture in Translation I
Group B
Select one courses at the 200-level or above from the following: 23
Environmental Science: The Web of Life
Environmental Chemistry: Principles, Problems and Solutions
Topic: Ethnographic New York
Community Relations in the Criminal Justice System
History of New York City
History Internship
Internship Program l
Community Service in New York City
Immigration, Ethnicity and Race in NYC History
NY Blue Collar: Worker in City Fiction: Civil War-Depression
Total Credits15