Classical and Medieval Studies Minor

Because this minor is multidisciplinary, to satisfy requirements students must select courses in philosophy and at least three other disciplines. For further information about this minor, see Chair of Philosophy and Religious Studies.

Minor Requirements

Philosophy Courses
PHI 113Ancient Philosophy3
or PHI 224 Medieval Philosophy
Art History, History, Literature, or Women's Studies
Select two of the following: 16
Art History: Ancient through Gothic Art
Art History: Ancient Greek Art
Art History: Ancient Roman Art
Art History: Medieval Art
The European Experience: The Ancient World
The European Experience: Church, State and Society in Medieval Europe
History of Ancient and Medieval Africa
The Medieval Woman
Select three of the following:9
Art History: Ancient Greek Art
Art History: Ancient Roman Art
Art History: Medieval Art
The History of the English Language
Rome's Golden Age: The Late Republic and Early Empire
The World of the Middle Ages: Byzantium
The World of the Middle Ages: The West
Barbarian Europe: 300 - 1000 A.D.
Greek and Roman Literature in Translation
Comparative Medieval Literature
Great Ideas in Western Religious Thought
The Bible: Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament)
The Bible: Christian Scriptures (New Testament)
Total Credits18

Substitutions of new courses or independent studies in classical or medieval studies are possible. Students may also substitute a 6 credit INT course combining any two from Art; History; Literature; Philosophy; Religious Studies or Women's Studies. Examples might include: The Classical World; The Medieval World; Monsters, Maidens and Mayhem: Love, Lust and War in the Middle Ages; Ancient World Empires: From Alexander to Augustus. Substitutions must be approved by the Classical & Medieval Studies Committee.