Urban Studies Minor - NYC

Campus: NYC

This minor - housed in the Sociology/Anthropology Dept., NYC campus - is interdisciplinary. It draws upon social and ethnographic research methods to explore and describe the complex dynamics of urban living.

Minor Requirements

Elective Requirements
Select nine credits of the following: 19
Topic: Public Cultures: Urban Cultural Life and the Downtown Culture Explosion
Art as a Vehicle of Social Commentary and Political Progress
Hip Hop in Contemporary Art and Design
Public Art in the Urban Context
Urban Economics
The American Experience: The City and the Workplace
American Urban History
History of New York City
History and Geography of New York
Urban Social Photography
Children in Urban Society
State and Local Government
Politics of the Global City
Topic: Sexualities and the City in North and South America
Other choices include:
Nature and the City
Discipline Requirements
Select two of the following:6
Introduction to Social Work
Urban Sociology
Race and Ethnicity in Cities
Community Service in New York City
Urban Planning
Urbanism and Modernism
Urban Ethnography
Internship in Anthropology 2
Internship in Sociology 2
Other choices include:
Urban Social Problems (new course)
Total Credits15