Latin American Studies Minor Program

This is a multidisciplinary program that includes courses in History, Economics, Modern Languages and Cultures, Anthropology, Psychology, English, Environmental Studies, and Fine Arts. The program provides students with the awareness of and sensitivity to Latin American culture, economic development, and institutional structures necessary to be effective practitioners of a variety of disciplines: international management, marketing, accounting and world trade, law and diplomacy, nursing, speech therapy and clinical psychologists planning to work with a U.S. Latino clientele, and postgraduate work in Latin American History, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Languages, Environmental Science and Economics.

Minor Requirements

Foundation Courses
Select at least one course from each of Groups A and B:9
Group A
Spanish for Native Speakers
Intensive Review of Spanish
Intermediate Spanish Conversation
Intermediate Spanish Composition
Group B
Latin America: The Colonial Era
Modern Latin America
Latin America: Century of Social Change and Revolution
Traditional and Modern Cultures of Latin America and Caribbean
The Other "America": Introduction to Latin American Studies 1
Advanced Courses
Select three courses, must include at least one course from each Groups C and D:9
Group C
Introduction to Latin American Culture
Masterpieces of Spanish American Literature I 2
Masterpieces of Spanish American Literature II: Dictatorships 3
Literature and Culture of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean
Modern Latin American Prose
The Short Story and Essay in Spanish America
Latin American Theatre
The Culture of Mexico
Field Study in Latin America
Latin American Cinema
Topic: Negotiating Border Lines - Latino Films of the United States
Hispanic Literature and Culture in the United States
Modern Latin American Divas: Female Political, Social and Cultural Leadership in the Republican Era 4
Group D
South American Colossus: The History of Modern Brazil
Environmental Policy and History: South American Rain Forest 5
Latin America: The Caribbean and the World 5
"So Far from God; So Close to Uncle Sam:" Modern Mexico in History and Literature 6
Political Economy of Developing Nations
Topic: Psychology of Ethnic Groups in the United States of America: The Latino Experience
Total Credits18