History Major, BA

Campus: NYC, Westchester

Provides students with an excellent preparation for law school, graduate work, teaching, and a variety of private and public service positions.

Major Completion Summary

Requirement Credits
University Core Requirements 44-55
Major Requirements 42
Open Electives 31-42
Total Credits 128

University Core Requirements (44-55 Credits)

See complete University Core requirements.

May include two history courses. One each from two Area of Knowledge groups:

Western Heritage American or European
Select one of the following:3
American Civilization to 1877
American Civilization Since 1877
History of Western Civilization 1300-1815
HIS 113
Approved History Topics Course
History of Western Civilization 1815 to Present
New York City: From Great Metropolis to World Capital 1898-Present
World Tradition and Cultures Non-Western
Select one of the following:3
The Middle East: An Historical Survey
The Asian World: A Historical Survey
Africa: An Historical Survey
Modern Latin America

Major Requirements (42 Credits)

Required Major Courses
HIS 380Seminar on Historiography3
HIS 499Senior Year Experience in History3
Required Major Electives
Select two courses each from three historical fields: 118
History Course
Select one History course from any field based on race, gender, or class:3
The American Experience: American Diversity, Immigration, Ethnicity and Race
Latin America: The Colonial Era
History of Human Rights
Discrimination, Integration and Assimilation: Global Jewish Experience
Latin America: Century of Social Change and Revolution
American Labor History
Culture and History of Black America
Ethnic and Racial History of the United States
History of American Women
European Women and Social Change
African-American History Since 1910
One 300-level History course 23
Four History courses at 200 or 300-level12
Total Credits42

Non-Western History

HIS 107World Civilization I3
HIS 108World History After 16503
HIS 119The Middle East: An Historical Survey3
HIS 131The Asian World: A Historical Survey3
HIS 132Africa: An Historical Survey3
HIS 133Latin America: The Colonial Era3
HIS 134Modern Latin America3
HIS 202Modern Britain3
HIS 216History of Human Rights3
HIS 217Modern East Asia in Film3
HIS 218Nonviolent Activism in Modern Asia3
HIS 220Modern Islamic World: 1850-Present3
HIS 223Discrimination, Integration and Assimilation: Global Jewish Experience3
HIS 231Latin America: Century of Social Change and Revolution3
HIS 239Wars in the Asia-Pacific3
HIS 241Modern China3
HIS 242Modern Japan3
HIS 243Service and Study in Latin America3
HIS 270History of Modern South Africa3
HIS 274History of North Africa After 18003
HIS 275Modern History of Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran3

Western Heritage American History

HIS 111American Civilization to 18773
HIS 112American Civilization Since 18773
HIS 113BThe American Experience: American Diversity, Immigration, Ethnicity and Race3
HIS 113CThe American Experience: United States and the World - (CAP)3
HIS 113DThe American Experience.: America between the Wars 1920-413
HIS 113EThe American Experience: Dissent American History: Civil War to Present3
HIS 113FThe American Experience: The American Constitution and the Presidency3
HIS 113GThe American Experience: The Colonial Legacy3
HIS 113HThe American Experience: Lessons in Liberty: Promise and Reality3
HIS 113JThe American Experience: Challenge and Opportunity3
HIS 113KThe American Experience: The City and the Workplace3
HIS 113LThe American Experience: Promise and Reality3
HIS 113MThe American Experience: The Early American Legacy3
HIS 113NThe American Experience: Wealth and American Culture - OBDP4
HIS 113PIntroduction to Public History: Pace University 9/11 Oral History Project3
HIS 113QThe American Experience: American Political Tradition3
HIS 113RThe American Experience: Changing Roles of American Women3
HIS 113SThe War Film in History: Genre, Gender and Race3
HIS 113UThe American Experience: The United States and the World3
HIS 113WThe American Experience: Wealth and American Culture3,4
HIS 113XThe American Experience: Wealth and the American Culture4
HIS 113YTechnology, Transportation, and Trade in New York City3
HIS 113ZImagining the Future: New York City and the American Dream3
HIS 215American Social and Cultural History3
HIS 256American Colonial History3
HIS 259The American Revolution3
HIS 260Constitutional History of the United States3
HIS 264History of the American Presidency 1900 - Present3
HIS 265American Urban History3
HIS 267Heroes, Villains and Just Plain Folks: A Biographical Perspective on American History3-4
HIS 269Recent United States History3
HIS 271Culture and History of Black America3
HIS 273Ethnic and Racial History of the United States3
HIS 280History of American Women3
HIS 302African-American History Since 19103
HIS 310United States in the Era of Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1929-19453
HIS 321Economic History of the United States3
HIS 366History of New York City3
HIS 367History and Geography of New York3
Or equivalent learning community or topics course

Western Heritage European History

HIS 103History of Western Civilization 1300-18153
HIS 104History of Western Civilization 1815 to Present3
HIS 114AEuropean Experience: European Civilization and Minorities3
HIS 114BThe European Experience: British Heritage3
HIS 114CIdeas and the Modern State (CAP)3
HIS 114DThe European Experience: Women's World3
HIS 114EThe European Experience: The Age of the Renaissance3
HIS 114FThe European Experience: The Holocaust: History and Legacy3
HIS 114MThe European Experience: Ideas and the Modern State3
HIS 114RThe European Experience: Russia and Eastern Europe: Continuity and Change3
HIS 114SThe European Experience: Church, State and Society in Medieval Europe3
HIS 114WThe European Experience: The Ancient World3
HIS 202Modern Britain3
HIS 203Rome's Golden Age: The Late Republic and Early Empire3
HIS 205The Crusades3
HIS 206European History: Witches, Wizards and the Rise of Scientific Thought3
HIS 207Europe Since World War I3
HIS 210Germany and Central Europe Since 18483
HIS 213Modern Russia3
HIS 225The World of the Middle Ages: Byzantium3
HIS 226The World of the Middle Ages: The West3
HIS 281European Women and Social Change3
HIS 330Barbarian Europe: 300 - 1000 A.D.3
Or equivalent learning community or topics course.

Open Electives (31-42 Credits)

Open Electives
Select 31-42 credits31-42
Total Credits31-42