Global Asia Studies, BA

Campus: NYC

This 36-38 credit multidisciplinary major program advances a cross-cultural understanding of Asia and the world and develops bilingual area specialists and professionals for graduate schools, government and international organizations or for employment in a globalized economy. 

Students follow one of two tracks: Asian Languages and Cultures or Comparative Asian Studies.

Major Completion Summary

Requirement Credits
University Core Requirements 44 minimum
Major Requirements 36-38
Total Credits 128

University Core Requirements (44 Minimum Credits)

See complete University Core requirements.

University Core
Complete University Core Requirements44
Total Credits44

Major Requirements (36-38 Credits)

Tracks or Open Electives
Select one of the following Tracks or Open Electives:36-38
Track I: Asian Languages and Cultures
Senior Thesis 1
Elective Course 2
Track II: Comparative Asian Studies
Senior Thesis 1
Elective Course 2
Open Electives
Total Credits36-38

Comparative Asian Studies

Track I: Required Global Asia Topical Courses (9 credits) chosen from list below.
Track II: Required Global Asia Topical Courses (18 credits) chosen from list below.

ART 220Art History: Aspects of Asian Art3
COM 213Intercultural Communication3
ENG 201Writing in the Disciplines3,4
ECO 374Rising Powers: China's Economic Growth and Development3
ECO 375China's Financial System: Past, Present and Future3
ECO 396VTopic: From Wall Street to the Great Wall3
GLB 101An Introduction to Global Studies I3
HIS 241Modern China3
HIS 242Modern Japan3
HIS 296ABarbarians and Mandarins: China and Her Inner Asian Neighbor3
HIS 296ETopic: Tolstoy, Turks and Taliban: Russia's "Orient"3
HIS 296UTopic: Bible and Gun: Christianity in China since 15003
HIS 297FTopic: Of Swords and Cherry Blossoms: Samurai Images Past and Present3
HIS 340Chinese Cultural Tradition3
INT 196JThe Sacred and the Secular in East Asia6
INT 297AHong Kong and Bollywood: Globalization of Asian Cinema6
LIT 211DThe Individual and Society3
LIT 211FWorlds In Literature: The Asian Diaspora3
LIT 345Literatures of Diversity3
RES 202Great Ideas in Eastern Religious Thought3
RES 296Topics in Religious Studies3
Topic courses
Note: students interested in a following topic course should check with the Global Asia Major program director about possible availability:
COM 296Topics in Communication3
HIS 297Topics in History3

Asian Languages and Cultures Track

Track I: Required Asian Languages Courses (18-20 credits) chosen from list below.
Track II: Required Asian Languages Courses (9-11 credits) chosen from list below.

CHI 101Elementary Chinese I (Mandarin)4
CHI 102Elementary Chinese II (Mandarin)4
CHI 263Chinese for Heritage Speakers4
CHI 280Intensive Review of Chinese3
CHI 283Intermediate Chinese Conversation3
CHI 300Chinese Theater and Culture3
CHI 301Advanced Conversation in Chinese3
CHI 305Chinese for Professional Communication3
CHI 380Chinese Seminar3
JPN 101Elementary Japanese I3
JPN 102Elementary Japanese II3
JPN 280Intensive Review of Japanese3
JPN 283Intermediate Japanese Conversation3
JPN 380Japanese Seminar: Japanese for Professions3
JPN 395Independent Study in Japanese1-9

Research Seminar

COS 312Introduction to Cultural Studies3
HIS 380Seminar on Historiography3
LIT 329Literary Theory and Criticism3
WS 380Seminar in Feminist Theory3
GLB 400-level Asia Seminar3

Open Electives (35-48 Credits)

Open Electives 1
Select 35-48 credits35-48
Total Credits35-48