Behavioral-Neuroscience Major, BS

Campus: NYC

Prepares students for medical school, graduate school, or employment in the industry. This program is approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS).

Major Completion Summary

Requirement Credits
University Core Requirements 44-55
Major Requirements 49-53
Open Electives 20-35
Total Credits 128

University Core Requirements (44-55 Credits)

See complete University Core requirements.

Includes several of the major-required Math, Biology and Physics courses listed below:

Major-Required Math and Science Courses
Specific courses required for University Core:
MAT 131Calculus I (Foundation Math)4
BIO 101General Biology I (Lab Science)4
PSY 112Introduction to Psychology (Areas of Knowledge/HSN)4
In Depth Sequence
CHE 111General Chemistry I4
CHE 112General Chemistry II4
CHE 223Organic Chemistry I5
Other Core Requirements for Major
BIO 101General Biology I4
BIO 102General Biology II4
MAT 132Calculus II4
PHY 111General Physics I4
PHY 112General Physics II4
BIO 231Genetics4
or BIO 264 Microbiology

Major Requirements (49-53 Credits)

Required Major Courses 1
BIO 102General Biology II4
BIO 231Genetics4
BIO 251Principles of Human Anatomy4
BIO 325Neurobiology3
BIO 334General Physiology4
INT 299S4
PSY 209Health Psychology3
PSY 315Cognitive Psychology4
BIO 490Introduction to Research in the Biological Sciences3
BIO 480Research in Biology3
MAT 141Introductory Statistics for the Life Sciences4
or PSY 205 Statistics in Psychology and Allied Fields
Major Electives for the Biology Track
Select 9-13 credits from the following: 29-13
Molecular and Cellular Biology (recommended)
Psychology and Law
Psychology of Women
Psychology of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse
Applied Social Psychology
Evolutionary Psychology
Child Psychology
PSY 296
Approved Psychology Topics Course
Adolescent Psychology
Social Psychology
Psychology of Personality
Abnormal Psychology I
Abnormal Psychology II
Psychology of Learning
Introduction to Psychological Counseling
Lifespan Development Psychology
Total Credits49-53

Open Electives (20-35 Credits)

Open Electives
Select 20-35 credits 120-35
Total Credits20-35

Pre-med students should consult with pre-med advisors.