Sociology/Anthropology Major, BA

Campus: NYC

Prepares students for exciting careers in law, teaching, business, social work, public management, urban planning, and human relations. While given an enhanced view of global and social issues including cultural diversity, race relations, gender issues, criminology, family and social problems, many students go on for advanced graduate work in the field or related areas.

Major Completion Summary

Requirement Credits
University Core Requirements 44-55
Major Requirements 36
Open Electives 37-48
Total Credits 128

University Core Requirements (44-55 Credits)

See complete University Core requirements.

University Core
Complete University Core Requirements44-55
Total Credits44-55

Major Requirements (36 Credits)

Required Major Courses
ANT 101Introduction to Anthropology3
SOC 102Introduction to Sociology3
SOC 323Social Theory3
SOC 380Social Research Methods3
Required Major Electives
ANT 108Global Culture and Local Identities3
ANT 210Urban Ethnography3
Select 18 credits of the following: 124
Kinship and the Family
People and Cultures of the Middle East
200-level ANT courses
Six courses with the prefix of ANT and SOC18
Total Credits60

Open Electives (37-48 Credits)

Open Electives
Select 37-48 credits37-48
Total Credits37-48