Biochemistry Major, BS

Campus: NYC, Westchester

Prepares students for medical school, graduate school, or employment in the industry. This program is approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS).

Major Completion Summary

Requirement Credits
University Core Requirements 44-55
Major Requirements 65-66
Open Electives 7-20
Total Credits 128

University Core Requirements (44-55 Credits)

See complete University Core requirements.

Includes several of the major-required Math, Biology and Physics courses listed below:

Major-Required Math and Science Courses
The following University Core courses satisfy several Math and Science foundation requirements of the Biochemistry Major, BS:
BIO 101General Biology I4
BIO 102General Biology II4
MAT 132Calculus II4
PHY 111General Physics I4
PHY 112General Physics II4
BIO 231Genetics4
or BIO 264 Microbiology

 Major Requirements (65-66 Credits)

Required Major Courses
CHE 111General Chemistry I4
CHE 112General Chemistry II4
CHE 200Mathematical Methods for Physical Chemistry4
CHE 221Analytical Methods and Techniques4
CHE 223Organic Chemistry I5
CHE 224Organic Chemistry II5
CHE 301Physical Chemistry I: Thermodynamics4
CHE 302Physical Chemistry II4
CHE 326Biochemistry4
CHE 328Advanced Biochemistry3
CHE 329Advanced Biochemistry Laboratory0-2
CHE 330Advanced Inorganic Chemistry4
CHE 331Instrumental Analysis4
CHE 340Polymer Chemistry3
CHE 392Chemistry Seminar I1
CHE 480Research in Chemistry3
CHE 492Chemistry Seminar II1
CHE 333 (NYC) or CHE XXX Recommended Advanced CHE Course (PLV)3
Required Science Course 1
FOR 505 (NYC) or BIO 335 (PLV)3
Total Credits63-65

Open Electives (7-20Credits)

Open Electives
Select 7-20 credits 17-20
Total Credits7-20