Global Studies Major, BA

Campus: Westchester

This major is interdisciplinary, with requirements that include three groups of courses:

  • Concentration in ECO, HIS or POL with cross-listed GS courses from other two concentrations
  • Four all-concentration required courses approved by department advisor
  • Business Course Requirements

Students interested in double-majoring must seek the guidance of a department program advisor and also Dyson College Dean's Office advisor.

Major Completion Summary

Requirement Credits
University Core Requirements 44-55
Major Requirements 48-52
Open Electives 3-23
Total Credits 128

University Core Requirements (44-55 Credits)

See complete University Core requirements.

University Core
Complete University Core Requirements44-55
Total Credits44-55

Major Requirements (48-52 Credits)

Select one of the following concentrations:33
All-Concentration Required Courses
Two department program-advisor approved courses from GS Elective list6
Select one of the following:3
Seminar in Economic Theory
Senior Year Experience in History
Senior Year Experience in the Political Science
One travel course or internship3
Business Course Requirements
ECO 105Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics3
Select one of the following: 13-4
Managerial Accounting
Contemporary Business Practice
Financial Management
Principles of Marketing
Operations Management, Automation, Purcahsing for Service Organizations
Total Credits51-52

ECO Concentration

ECO 106Principles of Economics: Microeconomics3
ECO 230Intermediate Macroeconomics3
ECO 234Intermediate Microeconomics3
ECO 238Money and Banking3
ECO 240Quantitative Analysis and Forecasting4
ECO 360International Economics3
Two approved ECO courses6
Three approved HIS and POL cross-listed courses, and both HIS & POL courses must be represented.9
Total Credits34

HIS Concentration

HIS 104History of Western Civilization 1815 to Present3
HIS 108World History After 16503
HIS 134Modern Latin America3
HIS 216History of Human Rights3
HIS 241Modern China3
HIS 119The Middle East: An Historical Survey3
or HIS 220 Modern Islamic World: 1850-Present
Two approved HIS courses6
Three approved ECO and POL cross-listed courses, and both ECO and POL courses must be represented.9
Total Credits33

POL Concentration

POL 114Introduction to International Relations3
POL 210Comparative Political Systems3
POL 247International Law and Human Rights3
POL 303APolitics Workshop: International Organization3
Two approved POL courses6
Three approved ECO and HIS cross-listed courses, and both ECO and HIS courses must be represented.9
Total Credits27

Open Electives (3-23 Credits)

Open Electives
Select 3-23 credits 13-23
Total Credits3-23