Peace and Justice Studies, BA

Campus: NYC

This program is an interdisciplinary major.  It examines direct, structural, symbolic and environmental violence; social justice; theories and practice of nonviolence and conflict transformation; conflict resolution techniques including negotiation, mediation, and facilitation; and interdisciplinary perspectives on peace building and peace making.  This program reflects Pace University's commitment to theory and practice in this interdisciplinary field and is consistent with the University's institutional mission of civic engagement and global citizenship.  For identification of newly available courses not yet listed in the following pages and the necessary approval for POL 303 Politics Workshop: The United Nations, students must meet with department advisor.  

Major Completion Summary

Requirement Credits
University Core Requirements 44-55
Major Requirements 33
Open Electives 40-51
Total Credits 128

University Core Requirements (44-55 Credits)

See complete University Core requirements.

University Core
Complete University Core Requirements44-55
Total Credits44-55

Major Requirements (33 Credits)

Required Courses
PJS 101Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies3
PJS 203Nonviolence: Theory and Practice3
PJS 250Working Through Conflict: Mediation, Negotiation and Facilitation3
PJS 350Advanced Peace and Justice Studies3
POL 247International Law and Human Rights3
POL 325Conflict Analysis3
POL 326Reconciliation and Transitional Justice3
Required Elective Courses
Any PJS 100-400 level course3
Select nine credits of the following: 19
Introduction to Critical Race and Ethnicity Studies
Global Culture and Local Identities
Anthropology of Violence
Topic: Political Anthropology
Art as a Vehicle of Social Commentary and Political Progress
Environmental and Ecological Art
Intercultural Communication
Topic: Conflict Management
Crime and Public Policy
Victims of Crime
Creative Crime Control
Terrorism and Society
Social Responsibility and the World of Nature
Nature and Culture: A Study in Connections
Environmental Studies: Economic, Ethical and Political Perspectives
Globalization, Trade and the Environment
Sustainable Living in Our World
History of Human Rights
Israel and Palestine: The Heritage and the Challenge
Nonviolent Activism in Modern Asia
Discrimination, Integration and Assimilation: Global Jewish Experience
Latin America: Century of Social Change and Revolution
Wars in the Asia-Pacific
"For Land, Bread and Liberty": The Latin American Social Revolution in History and Culture
The Literature of War and Peace
Postcolonial Literature
Topic: Postcolonial Literature: The Caribbean
Normative Ethics: Contemporary Moral Problems
Ethics in the Workplace
Legal and Political Philosophy
Environmental Ethics
Ethical Theories
Introduction to International Relations
Revolution or Reform
Gender and Politics
Politics Workshop: The United Nations
Race and Ethnicity in Cities
Race and Ethnicity
Social Class
Gender and Social Change
Border Crossing: Immigration and American Society
Crime and Social Justice
Social Movements
Politics Workshop: International Organization
Politics Workshop: United Nations
Topic: History and Religion of the Middle East: Holy Nationalism
Children in Urban Society
Understanding Community and Diversity: Queer Cultures
Consuming Desires: Mass Production, Advertising, and Consumer Society in Modern Europe
The Holocaust and Modern Genocides: Representations in History, Literature and Film
Caught in the Crossfire: The Impact of War on Women and Children
International Issues in Child Protection: Political and Psychological Perspectives
Disability Stories through Film and Media
Intro to Women's & Gender Studies
The Girl Child-A Global Perspective
Queer Stories:LGBTQ People and Communities in Historical Context
Men and Masculinities
Global Activism and Transnational Feminist Theories
Topic: Slumming and Tramping: The Queer America
Women as Change Agents: Gender and Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector
Total Credits33

Open Electives (40-51 Credits)

Open Electives
Select 40-51 credits40-51
Total Credits40-51