Film and Screen Studies Major, BA

Campus: NYC

In this program, film is seen as both an object of study and a methodological tool used in a variety of disciplines. Close advisement is necessary if double majoring. Please consult with an academic advisor on rules and limitations when double-counting requirements.

Major Completion Summary

Requirement Credits
University Core Requirements 44-55
Major Requirements 36
Open Electives 37-48
Total Credits 128

University Core Requirements (44-55 Credits)

See complete University Core requirements.

University Core
Complete University Core Requirements44-55
Total Credits44-55

 Major Requirements (36 Credits)

Required FSS-Titled Major Courses
FSS 202History of Film I3
FSS 203The Art of Film3
FSS 383Theories of Film3
FSS 386Seminar on Film 13
Required Major Electives
Select 24 credits from department-approved elective courses from FSS and other academic programs with film themes:24
Total Credits36

Available FSS Courses

The Aesthetics and Technology of Motion Picture Production
Introduction to Production Design
Freaks, Queers, and Outsiders: Filmmaking from the Margins
Introduction to Production Design
Introduction to Filmmaking
Film and Screen Studies Practicum
History of Film II: World War II - Present
Film and Television Editing 1
Directing for Film and Television
Digital Television Field Production
Digital Production Design
Topics in Horror
Film Genres
Cinema Auteurs
Major Film Movements
Film and Revolution: World Cinemas
Cinematic Spaces
Race and Representation
History of Writing for the Screen
Topic: History of the Documentary
Topic: Film Auteurs of NYC
Topic: Special Effects and the Cinema
Topic: Film and Television Editing I
Filmmaking: Image and Sound
Editing for Film and Television 2
Writing for Television
Hip-Hop Cinema and Visual Culture
Internship in Film and Screen Studies
Independent Study in Film & Screen Studies
Independent Study in Film & Screen Studies (A)
Creative Projects in Film History
Film and Screen Studies Advanced Production Practicum

Available Electives from Other Disciplines

Available Electives
Introduction to Critical Race and Ethnicity Studies
Topics: Entertaining America's Children
Introduction to Anthropology 1
African Diaspora Through Film
Topic: Middle East through Film
Introduction to Photography
Digital Photography I
Picturing Art in Film and Video
Visual Literacy
Digital Design I
Stop Motion Animation
Photography II: Color
Art History: History of Photography
Photography II: Black and White
Digital Design II
Mobile Media: City as Screen
Video I
Computer Design: Adobe Illustrator
Special Topics in Advanced Photography
Digital Photography 2
Photography III: Experimental Photography
Computer Illustration
Media, Culture, and Society
Introduction to Mass Media
Comics, Cartoons and the American Conversation
Digital Cultures
Communication and Popular Culture
Introduction to Cultural Studies
Media and Gender
Writing in the Disciplines 1
Creative Writing: Film Scenario
Advanced Screenwriting
Topics in Professional Writing: TV Scriptwriting
Topics: From French Literature in Translation
The French Speaking World Seen Through Its Films
Introduction to French Cinema
Seminar: French Literature and Film
Topic: Unity and Disunity: History of South Korean Cinema
Japanese Manga & Anime: History of Asian Media
Modern East Asia in Film
Topic: Of Swords and Cherry Blossoms: Samurai Images Past and Present
Topic: Italian Cinema
Urban Social Photography
Computers and the Surveillance Society
Gender and Television
Topic: The City in Film, Literature and Social Theory
Hong Kong and Bollywood: Globalization of Asian Cinema
Media and the Politics of War
The Biology of Science Fiction Film
Lords, Ladies, and Avatars: the Middle Ages in Art, Literature, and Second Life
Disability Stories through Film and Media
From the Page to the Screen: Transforming Italian Literature and Film
Topic: Modern Japanese Literature and Film in English Translation
Topic: Japanese Culture Through Film
Topic: Love and Marriage in Japanese Literature and Film
Luz, Camara, Accion! : Film as Mirror of Social Change in Latin American History and Culture
Selfies, Literature and the Visual
Literature and Film
Literature and Film: Ambiguous Discourse in Film and Literature
Shakespeare on Film
The Making of a Motion Picture
Media Production I
Media Production II
Producing Corporate Video
Digital Editing Workshop I - Introduction
Digital Editing Workshop II - Advanced
Producing the Documentary
Topic: Advanced Production II
Topic: Advanced Production
Topic: From Script to Screen
Seminar in Media and Communication Arts: The Documentary Film
Seminar in Media and Communication Arts: The Science Fiction Film
Acting For Film and Television
Acting For Film and Television III
Film Script Analysis
Television Script Analysis
Television History for BFA in Film Television, Commercials and Voice Overs
Acting For Film and Television
Topic: Script Analysis
Film and Philosophy
Topic: Feminism Film and Philosophy
Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies
Middle East Politics through Film
Politics Through Film
The Russian Soul Through Film
Sociology Through Film
Sociology of Visual Media
Topic: Latin American Literature and Film
Latin American Cinema
Seminar: Culture of Spain through Film
Magical Realism in the Literature and Film of Latin America and the Caribbean
Seminar: Love and Repression in Modern Latin American and Caribbean Literature and Film
Topic: Latin American Literature and Film of the 21st Century: The Andean World
Intro to Women's & Gender Studies
Gender, Race and Class
Men and Masculinities 1
Lesbians in Literature and Film
Queer Cinema
Women and Film: Past and Present
Topic: Melodrama in America

Open Electives (37-48 Credits)

Open Electives
Select 37-48 credits37-48
Total Credits37-48