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Business Administration Combined, BBA/Law, Juris Doctor, JD

Campus: Westchester


The Lubin School of Business and the Elisabeth Haub School of Law offer a combined program of study in business with a graduate degree in law. The aim of the program is to provide students with the opportunity to acquire an undergraduate education in general business, marketing, management or finance and a law degree in various fields of practice in six years.

The JD portion of the program is coordinated by the Elisabeth Haub School of Law in White Plains and the BBA portion at the Pleasantville Campus for all BBA concentrations except accounting and business analytics.

The combined degree program enables a full-time student to complete the requirements for both degrees in six years rather than the seven years required if each degree is pursued separately. For a typical candidate in the combined degree program a total of 190-193 credits is required: 88 from the School of Law and 102-105 from the Lubin School of Business.

The following BBA programs are eligible for law school admission:

Students admitted to the BBA/JD program are assigned advisers in each school to help them in the selection of courses and definition of their career objectives. The reciprocal recognition of courses by each school is essential to the combined program.


Applicants must meet the independent admission requirements of each school in order to be admitted to the combined program. Students should begin study in the Lubin School of Business and apply to the Elisabeth Haub School of Law in their junior year. If admitted, they would then enroll as a first-year student at the law school campus in replacement of their senior year.

Students may only be admitted to the BBA/JD with a minimum high school average of 85 and an SAT score of 1100. While enrolled at Pace, students must maintain a 3.0 GPA and obtain a final cumulative GPA of at least 3.2. Students who are not admitted to the law school would still have to complete 128 credits (except for General Business majors who complete 120 credits) to earn an undergraduate degree in business from Pace University.

Pace University will waive application fees for 3+3 candidates applying to law school, but students must meet all admissions requirements. Applicants should have an LSAT score of at least 153 (75th percentile) and a 3.2 or higher GPA in the undergraduate program. Students may be required to interview and submit letters of recommendation.

Lubin students interested in the program should contact their adviser to obtain counseling from the Law School Admissions Office and apply directly to the law school through the Law School Admission Council.


The 3 + 3 year program is an accelerated course of study in which qualified students complete between 102 and 105 undergraduate credits toward a degree and complete the remainder of the 128 credit undergraduate program in the law school. Upon satisfactory completion of the required course of study, candidates are awarded both BBA and JD degrees.