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Students with sufficient open elective credits in their major program may wish to minor in an academic area of special interest. The Lubin School of Business offers the several different minors open to all students, but please note some are restricted to Lubin majors or to students majoring in specified non-business areas.

Policy on Lubin Specialized Minors

Minors in specialized business areas such as Arts and Entertainment Management, Sports Marketing, and Entrepreneurship may be taken by Lubin students with a major in the same general discipline as the minor. Students will be required to complete all the requirements for the minor and take at least 12 credits in courses which are over and above the requirements for the major. This is in addition to complying with University policy, which requires completion of at least one-half of the coursework for a minor at Pace and a minimum overall GPA of 2.00 for all courses required for a minor. In instances where there is an overlap of one or two courses with the major, students will be required to substitute other appropriate courses as approved by the Department or Undergraduate Program Chair to satisfy the 12-credit requirement. The first Business Core course required for the minor (e.g. MGT 150 Managerial and Organizational Concepts, MAR 201 Principles of Marketing, FIN 260 Financial Management) may be counted toward fulfilling both the major and minor requirements.

(This policy does not apply to the following Lubin minors which may be taken only by students majoring in areas outside of the minor field: Accounting Minor, Finance Minor, Management Minor, Marketing Minor and Business Analytics (BA) Minor.)