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Lubin Centers

Center for Global Business Programs

The mission of the Center for Global Business Programs is to enhance the global capabilities of Lubin students and faculty by providing high-quality academic and professional experiences, facilitating learning, and supporting applied research in the global environment.

Custom Programs

The Center for Global Business Programs provides international and domestic institutions an opportunity to differentiate their offerings through a New York City-based module. Institutions chose from a variety of international programs that fit their needs and provide their students with an "only in New York" experience. Custom programs range from a few weeks to a full academic year and are offered during all semesters, including the summer. The Center delivers a dynamic New York City experience that includes company visits and cultural events.

International Field Study Courses

International field study courses provide students with the opportunity to gain international academic experience. Along with pre-trip classroom sessions, students travel abroad for up to two weeks, participating in corporate visits, meetings with governmental leaders and roundtable workshops with globally recognized academics. Destinations include countries throughout Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa.

International Travel Scholarships

The Center for Global Business Programs offers scholarships to eligible Lubin students who are enrolled in international field study courses or semester study abroad. These scholarships are made available through the Figueroa Family Fund and the Nancy and Gene Celentano Fund, and are awarded during the fall and spring semesters. To date, the Center has awarded over $778,000 in scholarships to eligible students based upon demonstrated need and academic achievement.

Center for Sustainable Business

Enterprises of all sizes and sectors globally are striving to operate as Sustainable Businesses, creating long-term value by advancing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) stewardship, business purpose and profitability hand-in-hand.

As a means of preparing students, alumni, the community, and other key stakeholders for a job market of the future and providing responsible businesses with workers and leaders who understand that advancing ESG principles and profitability goes hand-in-hand, the Pace University Lubin School of Business launched the Lubin CSB.  Steven Mezzio, Ph.D. CPA, FSA serves as Executive Director of the Lubin CSB. Contact:

The Lubin CSB Mission

The Lubin CSB engages its stakeholders with a networked knowledge-hub and learning-platform that explores, teaches, and champions sustainable businesses that advance a responsible and inclusive business-purpose that strives to simultaneously achieve environmental stewardship, social responsibility, institutional governance, and sustainable profits.

The Lubin CSB Strategy

Informed by a learning, research, and service platform-based mission, the Lubin CSB strategy is to equip, enable, and empower students, alumni, faculty, influencers, businesses, and communities to help them understand, influence, transform, and lead this global sustainable-business movement.

Headquartered steps from Wall Street in the Financial District on the New York City campus of Pace University, the Lubin CSB carries out this strategy by co-creating, co-delivering, and facilitating ESG-related academic degree programs, non-degree certificate and badge programs, continuing professional education, executive education, research, public events, job-skills training, and community service.

Center for Global Governance, Reporting and Regulation

The Center for Global Governance, Reporting and Regulation (CGGRR) sponsors research and discussion on the development and implementation of global financial reporting standards, regulatory compliance and governance. It also offers programs to develop proficiencies and expertise in these areas, and hosts conferences and events on relevant topics featuring leaders in these fields.

The Center was originated as the Center for the Study of International Accounting Standards, and evolved into its current iteration as a natural progression. Reporting standards alone are not sufficient in the current global business environment; governance and regulatory compliance are essential in international business.

The CGGRR offers the Certified Compliance Regulatory Professional (CCRP®) regulatory certification program. This program was created as a joint venture with the Association of International Bank Auditors (AIBA), the exclusive partner in offering this certificate program with the Lubin School of Business.  The CGGRR has also developed other offerings, including corporate "boot camps" as well as "distance learning" modules.  More information about the CGGRR is available at

Pace Entrepreneurship Studio

The Pace Entrepreneurship Studio (PES) supports young and promising entrepreneurs with the assistance of international leaders and professionals. PES supports new startups, from ideation to funding and from conception to operation. PES' mission is to establish and foster student and alumni innovation and expose and develop new entrepreneurial opportunities. Through the Studio students, faculty, and alumni are connected to international leaders and business professionals who can help them take their startups to the next level. PES provides abridged access to venture capital through special and professional sessions with the PES team and leaders from the New York City ecosystem. For more information about the Pace Entrepreneurship Studio, visit

Small Business Development Center

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) was established at Pace University in October of 1986 as an integral part of the Lubin School’s economic development program. Jointly funded by Pace University, the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Research Foundation of the State University of New York and private donors, the Pace SBDC’s mission is to provide in-depth and confidential one-on-one business advisement, training and research, all at no cost, to help small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs launch or grow their business. 

Now a part of Lubin’s Management and Management Science Department, in addition to its traditional offerings, the SBDC services are closely aligned with those of the Entrepreneurship Lab (eLab).  Since inception, the SBDC has provided over 133,000 hours of direct management and technical assistance, via one-on-one counseling, to more than 16,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners.  In addition, it has also sponsored well in excess of 500 workshops attended by 17,000 attendees, and documented almost $170,000,000 of funding and investment, which led to the creation or retention of almost 7,000 jobs. Visit the SBDC website for more information.

Updated: March 3, 2023