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Residency and Transfer Credit Policies

Residency Requirement

To ensure that a degree from the Lubin School of Business truly reflects the school's curriculum standards and philosophy, Lubin students must fulfill a residency requirement. All business students must complete at least one-half, or 50 percent, of the business credits required for the BBA, including the Business Core, major, and auxiliary requirements, in residence at Pace University. In addition, business students must also comply with the University residency requirement that at least one-half of the major requirements and a minimum of 32 credits be completed in residence at Pace University. The capstone course, MGT 490 Business Strategy, as well as selected senior 400-level courses in each program, must also be completed at Pace University. The residency requirement may limit, in some cases, the number of business credits that can be accepted in transfer toward the major and the BBA degree. A student may also transfer credits that, while accepted by the University, cannot be applied to a specific business major. This generally occurs when a student is changing a field of study or enrolling in a business major with few open electives.

Transfer Credit Policy

The Lubin School welcomes and helps transfer students by awarding transfer credit under a variety of circumstances. Students wishing to transfer into the Lubin School of Business must have achieved a minimum overall average of 2.50 in their previous college work, and transfer credit is awarded only for courses completed at other schools with a grade of "C" or better. Transfer credit is generally awarded for courses completed at other institutions that are evaluated by the appropriate Lubin academic department to be equivalent to the following Lubin lower-division business courses:

BUS 101Contemporary Business Practice3
MGT 150Managerial and Organizational Concepts3
LAW 150Business Law I3
ACC 203Financial Accounting4
ACC 204Managerial Accounting4
MAR 201Principles of Marketing3
FIN 260Financial Management3

Transfer credit may also be awarded on a limited basis for Pace upper division 300-level business courses provided that the transfer course is equivalent to the Pace business course as determined by the appropriate Lubin academic department and it is taught at an appropriate academic level.

Lubin Pace Online Transfer Credit Policy

The following Lubin Pace Online Transfer Credit Policy applies to the acceptance of transfer credits to the Lubin Pace Online BBA Business Studies Program.

  1. A total of 93 transfer credits (no more than 68 credits from a two-year institution) will be accepted to the Lubin Pace Online BBA Business Studies program.  
  2. Up to 12 transfer credits (no more than 3 courses) completed at other institutions  or through CLEP or other testing  may  be applied to the Business Core. MGT 490 Business Strategy must be completed at Pace.
  3. A maximum of 6-8 credits earned in business subjects through Experiential Learning Assessment (ELA) may be accepted and applied as transfer credits toward 3 courses in the Business Core only. See point #2 above. Other credits earned through ELA in non- business subjects may be applied to the 93 credits permitted in transfer to Lubin Pace Online Business Studies program.

Students are required to take a minimum of 45 credits at Pace University to receive the Lubin Pace Online BBA degree. Students who have completed additional business courses prior to enrolling in the Lubin Pace Online Program and have received transfer credit for business courses beyond those covered in the Lubin Pace Online Transfer Policy above should contact the Pace Online adviser to see if they are eligible to receive one or more waivers of required courses and substitute other upper level Lubin courses or elective courses offered by Seidenberg or Dyson as per their interests.