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Special Programs and Events

Lubin Pace Path

The Lubin Pace Path (LPP) is a dynamic co-curricular program. It provides a uniquely integrated educational experience in and out of the classroom that incorporates professional work in fields related to students’ academic and career goals. The LPP builds on Pace’s outstanding internship program, which is among the largest in the New York Metropolitan area, and Lubin’s experience in integrating real world practical experiences into the classroom.

Lubin students enrolled on the Pleasantville campus are required to complete all components of the Lubin Pace Path as a requirement for graduation. The course BUS 255 Professional Planning and Practice for Internships and Careers is required on the New York City campus. Completion of the professional experiences for LPP is highly encouraged on the New York City campus. This structured and integrated approach to educating students for careers in business will enable Lubin students to have career relevant professional experiences while pursuing their business degree and be prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation. The LPP includes the following three requirements:

  1. One Career Course: All students will take BUS 255 Professional Planning and Practice for Internships and Careers, a one-credit course dedicated to professional skills development focusing on career preparation through interpersonal communication, resume development, interviewing skills, professional behavior, networking and excellence in job performance.
  2. Professional Behavior Standards are promoted and practiced in all Lubin classes.
  3. Two Required Professional Experiences: Students are required to complete two Professional Experiences. One must be an approved on or off campus internship or on-campus work experience. Please note that a minimum 2.5 GPA is required for BUS 294 and a 3.0 GPA and Junior standing (64 credits completed) is required for the 3-credit Lubin internship courses. Students may choose to fulfill the second professional experience by completing one of the following:
    • LPP Qualifying Course. These are courses offered by Lubin departments which provide students with hands on practical experience and are usually in the students’ major field.
    • LPP qualifying co-curricular activity. These may include leadership roles in student organizations, professional competitions, and other project based activities or similar programs.
    • Second internship on or off campus or on-campus work experience.

Business Honors Program

The Business Honors Program is part of the Pforzheimer Honors College at Pace University. Students pursue an innovative cross-functional curriculum to build critical competencies and apply knowledge across business disciplines (accounting, finance, law, management, and marketing) and other academic areas. In addition, they are able to hone their leadership skills through specially-designed international field studies, service learning engagements, and advanced seminars. Students’ core education is enhanced with speakers and briefings, professional networking events, hands-on skill-building workshops, and opportunities for executive mentoring. Honors students complete a capstone year-long honors thesis experience working one-on-one with a faculty mentor in their major area and customized towards their particular interests and career objectives. Students who graduate from Pforzheimer Honors College receive special recognition at the Lubin Awards Ceremonies and in the Commencement Program.

Executive in Residence and Dean's Roundtable Programs

The Lubin Executive in Residence Program provides students with a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with leaders of industry and entrepreneurs. Top corporate executives interact with Lubin students and faculty, both in the classroom and in informal settings. The Dean's Roundtable brings Lubin alumni to campus to meet with students in small group settings.

Annual Lubin Awards and Beta Gamma Sigma Induction Ceremonies

The Annual Lubin Awards Ceremonies are held every May on the New York City and Pleasantville campuses to recognize the accomplishments of outstanding graduates of each major program, graduates receiving Latin baccalaureate honors, transfer students graduating with distinction, and Beta Gamma Sigma inductees. In addition to the academic department awards, graduating students are recognized for their leadership and contributions to co-curricular activities as recipients of the Lubin Alumni Association Award and other special awards given by the Lubin academic departments.

Lubin For-credit Internship Program

Lubin students have an opportunity to earn academic credit for approved Internships. Students with strong academic records who have a minimum CGPA of 3.00 may apply to undertake a carefully planned work experience, under the supervision of a faculty adviser that will demonstrate the practical application of their classroom learning. Internship credit courses are offered in accounting, finance, law, management, business analytics, hospitality and tourism management, international management, marketing, and taxation for students who have achieved junior standing and have completed at least the first course in the discipline. Students are generally awarded 3 credits for an internship in their major, which may be used to satisfy a major concentration or major elective requirement. It may also be taken as an Open Elective.

Students in their sophomore year who have completed BUS 101 and have a minimum CGPA of 2.50 are eligible to take BUS 294 Business Internship for one credit. Students are responsible for finding their own internships either through the Career Services Office or other contacts. Students are required to obtain approval to undertake a credit-bearing internship from the Lubin Office of Undergraduate Advisement and the Lubin academic department offering the course. Students may apply a maximum of 6 credits earned through internship courses to their degree and only 3 credits toward their major or minor requirements. For more information and to apply for a Lubin internship credit course, please visit the Lubin For-credit Internship web site:

Accounting Winter Co-op Program

The Accounting department offers students in the 5-year combined BBA/MBA Program in Public Accounting a unique opportunity to combine a full-time winter co-op at a major CPA firm with an accelerated semester of full-time study during the Spring semester. The Full-time winter co-op will begin the first week in January and run through mid-March. The exact dates will vary depending upon the New Year’s Holiday and the Pace academic calendar. The accelerated Spring Term B semester will begin in mid-March and last until the end of the spring semester, usually 8 weeks.

The Big Four and other participating accounting firms prefer to offer the co-op program during the busy season, from January to March. This program will allow Pace students to participate in the co-op program and still complete their combined degree in five years. Students participating in the Accounting Winter Co-op program are paid.

This program is open to students in the BBA/MBA program in Public Accounting on either campus who have a minimum GPA of 3.3. It is designed for the spring semester of their fourth year at Pace. Students must work closely with their Lubin adviser if they plan on participating in the program since the sequence of courses is critical. International BBA/MBA students on an F-1 visa may participate in the Accounting Winter Co-op and will need to meet with an International Student Adviser to make sure that other conditions related to their F-1 status are met.

Students in the BBA Public Accounting major and in other Combined Programs may apply for a Winter Co-op, but they will have to plan to take a Leave of Absence for the Spring semester and take courses in the Summer Sessions in order to complete the 150 credits required for graduation in 5 years. This option is not open to international students on an F-1 visa. Interested students should contact a Lubin Academic Adviser for more information.

Early in the fall semester of their fourth year, eligible students can apply for the full-time Accounting Winter Co-op through Career Services. Once accepted, students will work with their Lubin adviser to plan their spring schedule. Students must maintain a full-time status of 12 credits in the accelerated program. Classes run four days a week with both day and evening sessions on the New York City Campus and are available to students on the Westchester Campus via video conference. Courses offered in the accelerated spring semester are:

ACC 394Accounting Internship (0-6 credits)6
TAX 311Federal Income Taxation II3
ACC 620Accounting Entities3
ACC 635Advanced Auditing Practices2
MBA 648Managerial Finance3