Management Major, BBA - Business Management Concentration

Campus: NYC, Westchester

The Business Management concentration gives students the flexibility to select from a wide array of management and related business courses to build a concentration which is tailored to their individual academic and career interests. Students are required to take at least two general management courses as part of Group I and two courses may be selected from Group II, which allows for specialization in a specific management or related business area. One course in International Management is also required.

 Major Completion Summary

Requirement Credits
University Core Requirements 53
Major Requirements 47
Open Electives 28
Total Credits 128

University Core Requirements (53 Credits)

See complete University Core requirements.

Includes several of the major-required courses listed below:

Foundation Requirement
MAT 104Finite Mathematics3
CIS 101Introduction to Computing3
or TS 105 Computers for Human Empowerment
Lubin Foundation Requirement in Quantitative Reasoning 1
ECO 105Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics3
ECO 106Principles of Economics: Microeconomics3
MAT 117Elementary Statistics 24
One Elective Course in Mathematics or Economics 33

Major Requirements (47 Credits)

Business Core 1
BUS 101Contemporary Business Practice3
ACC 203Financial Accounting4
ACC 204Managerial Accounting4
FIN 260Financial Management3
LAW 150Business Law I3
MAR 201Principles of Marketing3
MGT 150Managerial and Organizational Concepts3
MGT 226Business Analytics3
MGT 490Business Strategy3
Major Requirements
MGT 150Managerial and Organizational Concepts 2(3)
MGT 226Business Analytics 2(3)
MGT 490Business Strategy 2(3)
MGT 222Organizational Behavior3
Business Management Concentration
Required International Management Course
Select one of the following:3
International Management
Comparative Management Systems
The Human Dimension in International Management
International Management Field Study
Elective Concentration Courses
Select at least two courses from Group I, the remaining two courses may be taken from Group I or Group II:12
Group I: General Management Courses
Venture Initiation and Entrepreneurship
Human Resources Management
Business and Society
Project Management for Business
Organizational Theory and Development
Managerial Negotiations
Leadership Principles and Practice
International Management 3
Group II: Specialized Business Courses
Travel and Tourism Management 4
Hotel Management
Restaurant and Foodservices Management
Event Management 5
Small Business Management
Predictive Analytics 5
Management Internship
Risk Management
Employment Law
Intellectual Property Law
Managerial Marketing
Select one of the following:
MGT 343
MGT 344
MGT 345
Comparative Management Systems 3
The Human Dimension in International Management 3
International Management Field Study 3
Total Credits47

Open Electives (28 Credits)

Open Electives
Select 28 credits 128
Total Credits28